Transformation Story Of Weight Loss Upto 10 Kg In 75 Days! Read Here

Savi Sharma

Savi Sharma
May 2022

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10 kgs Gone In 75 Days
Today’s weight loss transformation story is of Aarya Bajpai from Delhi. She reached out to us with weight gain concerns and hence, got enrolled in the weight loss diet plan.

The Challenge

  • Aarya had hypothyroidism. It is a condition in which the body puts on weight due to excessive build-up of salt and water.
  • In addition to this, she had bloating and constipation issues. These are the hidden reasons for weight gain. If digestion is weak, one will also have difficulty in losing weight.
  • Aarya was deficient in Vitamin D. This, again, is one of the hindrances in weight loss by being an indirect cause of weight gain, as it leads to depression, decrease bone mass and tiredness and fatigue.

Fitelo’s Role

The weight-loss specialist planned her diets in a way so that all her deficiencies could be managed. Aarya was not fond of junk or spicy food. So, we planned only a basic home-based diet for her. The recipes were not bland at all, they were full of metabolism-boosting and fat burning spices. There was a variety of dishes which she could prepare easily too.

Our Reward

  • Aarya was a supportive client and followed the diet plan religiously. What then? She lost a whopping 10 kgs in just 75 days!
  • In the words of her weight loss specialist, Aarya’s dedication towards her diet is exemplary and thus, this transformation story is worth looking upto.

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For all the soup lovers and weight-watchers, this is a wholesome recipe for you all guys to try. Thus, please make sure to take it under the guidance of a dietitian/nutritionist.

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