Varsha Body Transformation: Lost 9kgs In Less Than 50 Days


Oct 2020

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Moving to a new country for your dream job or education is never easy for anyone. While everyone wants growth and new opportunities, it also takes a mental and physical toll on your health. So today’s success story is one such. Varsha Body Transformation with Fitelo is an inspiring story for all the people who wish to prioritize their health above anything.

Let’s see how Fitelo was able to help Varsha in her weight loss journey while she juggled work and studies.

Varsha Body Transformation: Lost 9kgs In Less Than 50 Days

  • Varsha, from Sydney, Australia reached out to us a year back. She wanted to lose weight.
  • She had a really busy schedule studying, working part-time, and managing her home at the same time.
  • Moreover, the struggle is even more when one moves to a new country and tries to settle down and fit into the new culture.
  • Also, due to her packed routine, she barely had time to cook or work out, she wanted easy-to-cook meals.

Unexpected Results After Joining Fitelo

  • However, when Varsha explained her consistent weight gain. We worked with her and created a customized diet plan for weight loss for her that was suitable for her routine and lifestyle.
  • It was Varsha’s determination and willingness to put in the extra effort, she lost 9 kgs in less than 50 days of joining Fitelo.
  • Although she achieved her target in the first 50 days. She continued her journey with Fitelo and she was able to reduce 3.5 kgs to reach her ideal body weight.
  • She still continues to be with us so as to maintain her current weight, and we couldn’t be more proud and happier for her.
  • Seeing Varsha’s body transformation every individual living abroad must understand to value their health and that everything is possible with effort and proper guidance.
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Fun Fact

Did you know? The majority of Indians are Vitamin D deficient. The role of Vitamin D is not limited to weight loss only. Vitamin D deficiency can lead to serious consequences such as weak immunity, weak bones, and muscle loss Read More.

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