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Savi Sharma

Savi Sharma
Dec 2021

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6 Kgs Gone in 30 Days !

Virtual Nutritionist

Today’s weight loss transformation story is about Gurnaaz Kaur, a student👩‍🎓 from Amritsar. Gurnaaz joined FITELO’s virtual nutritionist with the hope of regaining healthy weight and also with the aim of maintaining it. Our weight counselor got her enrolled in the weight loss diet plan.

In the pandemic, like all the students across India, she too was having online classes. So, she had to sit at one place and attend classes for hours⏳. Moreover, less movement and unhealthy munching habits lead to her gaining weight over the course of several months.😖

Gurnaaz is a reserved person, so the interactions were not much, but the virtual nutritionist made efforts in chalking out the perfect diet plan for her.😃

Like any other choosy teenager👧, making a diet plan for her required much planning📝 and precision. Gurnaaz preferred variety within her diet. But the variety was confined to desi, home-based meals only. Moreover, there were many things that she did not like. Some of them were beans, mushroom🍄, ghiya, tinda, tori, fish, and curd in any form. So, her assigned virtual nutritionist planned simple homely dishes for her like Missi Roti Recipe (Punjabi style) and Chana Dal Pulao recipe😋

Thus, with constant efforts, Gurnaaz was able to lose a total of 6 kgs in just 30 days!😍 The number of inches that she lost is even more commendable. Her transformation is truly inspiring, and we wish Gurnaaz all the best in future.

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