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Savi Sharma

Savi Sharma
Dec 2021

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Sarika weight loss

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10 Kgs Gone In 100 Days! : Today’s weight loss transformation is of Sarika Garg, a busy IT professional from Delhi. Sarika reached out to FITELO and got herself enrolled in the weight loss program. She had a hectic schedule which was setting her back from following a healthy lifestyle and getting in shape. Later, the increasing weight became her weakness as it came in way of her work as a health problem.

Weight Loss Program

Sarika had hypothyroidism, which was the main reason of her weight gain. She was on thyroid medications, as she had severe thyroid. Adding to that she had her ovarian cysts removed via operation 6 months before starting her diet. So, her body was recovering from that as well. Our diet expert planned her meals taking both these factors into consideration as part of the weight loss program.🙂

Vegetarian and egg recipes were planned for Sarika, all according to her likes and preferences.😋

The only challenge in maintaining her diet was that Sarika had to pause her diet plan in the middle, multiple times, because of different job shifts and constant traveling.⏳

Apart from this, Sarika was cooperative and dedicated towards her diet. She took her diet seriously and followed every advice the diet expert gave. Hence, her commitment to the weight loss program resulted in Sarika losing 10 kgs in 100 days! Moreover, she lost a considerable number of inches!😎

So, Sarika can now happily focus on her work, easily switching between shifts without worrying about her health and weight!🤩

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