Weight Loss Challenge : Post Pregnancy Weight Gone In Just 50 Days

Damini Kapoor

Damini Kapoor
Jun 2022

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weight loss challenge

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10 kgs weight loss challenge.

  • Improvement in overall health
  • Body aches gone
  • Digestion issues solved
weight loss challenge

Priya Chug from Karnal lost 10 Kgs post-pregnancy weight in just 50 days. Let’s read the success story.

This transformation journey is of our client Priya, a young Mother from Karnal. She reached out to us on our Facebook page two months back. Her increased post-pregnancy weight was a concern. Thus, she wanted to get in shape.

The Weight Loss Challenge

Apart from that extra Kilo, Priya had a weight loss challenge. She was suffering from extremely low blood pressure. She has several body aches and digestive issues also. Being a mother to an infant meant a really busy routine including improper sleep cycles. Even having proper meals is not an easy task.

Thus, to achieve the weight loss goal, she tried everything she could from her side, but her post-pregnancy weight did not move even a bit. Then, we accepted this challenge.

Fitelo’s Role

We at Fitelo created a customized diet plan for Priya that did not include any medicines or supplements. She had a lot of cheat days in between too. With her determination, Priya has lost 10 Kg in just 50 days. She did it without visiting any gym or taking any supplements or medicines.

Not only limited to this, more than weight, but she is also having a significant improvement in her health, her body aches are gone completely along with much better digestive issues.

We are so proud of You Priya.

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