Fitelo’s Weight Loss Coach did Wonders as Lavpreet Lost All the Extra Fat!

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10 KGS GONE IN 120 DAYS! : Lavpreet from Toronto reached out to our weight loss coach with the concern to help her in the management of her diseases along with losing the extra kilos gained along. Hormonal imbalance in women is very common but it took a huge toll on their health. 😰


We assured her that our weight loss coach can help her in the same. Further, she discussed her challenges with us and was ready to transform and experience this beautiful journey of becoming the stress-free and happy Lavpreet.

Like any other Punjabi, Lavpreet is a foodie and we didn’t want her to compromise on her taste buds. That is what FITELO is all about- Khao piyo and weight loss karo! 😋 So, our weight loss coach customized an easy to cook diet plan that didn’t put any extra pressure on cooking. Along with that, we included outside eating options. She was also guided about how to enjoy herself to the fullest while eating out with peers or family.

Moreover, the weight loss coach kept in mind her busy schedule and her irregular meal timings which were one of the reasons for her medical concerns. So, we focused mainly on giving her a lifestyle makeover than just focusing on mending her life in bits and pieces 😄 The meal options were chosen keeping in mind PCOD and fatty liver.

She says she never felt she was on a diet and everything went smooth. We are super proud of you Lavpreet for becoming the healthier version of yourself 🥳 and also for being ready to face 2022 with a big smile and happy you 😇

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