Our Weight Loss Diet Aided Balmeet’s Stuck Weight – Read How

Savi Sharma

Savi Sharma
Jan 2022

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Balmeet weight loss

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17 Kgs Gone In Just 60 Days With Our Weight Loss Diet

Weight Management Diet Plan Is The Solution

Today’s weight loss transformation is of Balmeet Singh from Sirhind who is a Joint Engineer by profession. Balmeet reached out to us with concerns of weight gain and enrolled in our weight loss diet plan. He was really worried earlier in his journey whether he will be successful or not.

But we are really happy that after some time there were not many challenges in his journey as he was determined to the core to follow the dietitian’s plan for him. Balmeet had a liking towards no-fancy, simple meals. He, in fact trusted the dietitian so much that he not even once, asked for a modification or change in his diet plan! However, the only thing Balmeet did not prefer having were soups, so soups were out of his weight loss diet plan.

Consequently, his hard work and faith in the dietitian-curated weight loss diet plan paid off! Balmeet lost 17 kg in just 60 days Moreover, this huge accomplishment made him confident about himself and he started making more conscious meal choices to stay healthy and fit.

We are super proud of you Balmeet! You give true example of the sportsman spirit i.e.- Never give up! Keep trying!

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