Kavita’s weight loss journey without a gym

Japleen Kaur

Japleen Kaur
May 2021

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weight loss journey without a gym

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From 68 Kg To 50 Kg Kavita Came a Long Way

weight loss journey without a gym

Her background story

Kavita a lovely lady approached us with increased trends on the weighing machine. Kavita took away not just a healthy approach to living life but also realized that the weight loss journey more than just food and also about mental strength. Read Kavita’s weight loss journey without a gym.

Myth 01- Mental Attitude Is Not As Important

  • Kavita is a source of inspiration for us all. The weight loss journey sometimes begins to take a toll on people’s minds, which is why we choose to provide our clients with a variety of ways to keep them charged.
  • Kavita chooses to walk strong as she believes that the only way out is through (Thanks Under Armour).
  • She had a similar approach towards her weight loss journey which helped us help to a greater extent.

Myth 02- Weight Loss Is Achieved Quickly

  • Being patient with ourselves and having faith in the process is a MUST.
  • Thus, one of the greatest lessons Kavita claims to have learned during the course of this journey is to remain patient. Her patience also helped her see the results she has always longed for.

Myth 03- Skipping Meals Is An Effective Way To Lose Weight

  • In order to eat less, skipping meals is another practice commonly observed as it promises fewer calories.
  • Skipping meals actually causes weight gain as you tend to eat greater amounts in the next meal.
  • Kavita was also provided minor meals in between her major meals, which helped her drop those extra kilos.
  • Frequent meals also kept her full and energized. Thus, the results she was able to achieve.

Myth 04- Healthy Eating Will Cost You A Fortune

  • This myth really cracks us up. The entire weight loss havoc has caused us to believe that health is only guaranteed if one consumes exotic fruits and vegetables, supplements, and products reading ‘low fat, ‘low carb’, and ‘no gluten’.
  • Does this strike a pertinent question in our minds that are healthy only for the privileged? OF COURSE NOT.
  • Ingredients lying in your kitchens, promise you weight loss, and also make you healthy and fit into your budget without burning a hole in your pocket.

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