Shaheen’s Weight Loss Success Story

Japleen Kaur

Japleen Kaur
Aug 2021

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Lost 16 Kg 90 Days With An Awesome Inch Loss: Smile and the world smiles with you. Shaheen Chauhan from Amritsar is a living specimen of this quote. Need weight loss motivation? Thus, read Shaheen’s success story.

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Read How she overcame all her challenges and achieved a healthy weight loss that made her fall in love with her body.

What Made You Choose Fitelo for your weight loss?

I was highly concerned about my increasing weight. Also, I wished to drop weight but not my health. So, impressed by Fitelo’s holistic approach to health, I was convinced that if there was anyone who could understand my weight loss concerns it was Fitelo.

What Was The Hardest Part About Being Overweight?

Being overweight increases your chances of developing several health-related diseases. Also, you become very lethargic and inactive and thus tend to lose confidence.

What Kind Of Diet and Motivation were you given to achieve the weight loss results you did?

Well…I am allergic to thermogenic foods and also loved having cheat meals. Thus, my dietitians were very kind to take special care while planning my diet. Also, they did not include any thermogenic foods. Adding to that, they gave me loads of variety of foods to eat.
Also, the best part was that I was eating all of my favorite foods well on my diet.


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