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Savi Sharma

Savi Sharma
Dec 2021

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Baldeep weight loss

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17 Kgs Gone in 100 Days! : ‘To begin’ is the biggest hurdle in your weight loss journey. Baldeep’s story will inspire you to begin your weight loss journey right now. Baldeep Kaur is a housewife from California. With a lot of housework and other responsibilities, she had a hard time managing her weight. Especially after her c-section delivery, she observed a setback in terms of weight, energy levels and overall health. So, Baldeep reached out to our weight loss nutritionist and enrolled in the gut-health program.

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Our weight loss nutritionist planned the diet, keeping in mind her super busy schedule. Baldeep was not taking a nutritious diet, which was evident from her low energy levels despite having an active lifestyle. She used to feel dizzy and nauseous very often. The main reason for her lethargy came out to be her low Vitamin D levels. So, the weight loss nutritionist suggested Komal take natural Vitamin D from sunlight and planned recipes that improved Vitamin D intake in her body.😇

Another gut-related issue Baldeep faced was getting bloated very often. In other words, she was prone to extreme water retention. So, the weight loss nutritionist planned meals that helped reduce acidity and gas formation in her gut. Also, she had acne, so we planned smoothies that were both filling and full of skin-benefitting nutrients.

Baldeep’s will and dedication combined with the nutritionist’s diet gave results in no time! Baldeep lost 17 kgs of stuck weight in just 100 days!🤩 Moreover, there was a crazy improvement in her gut health. She was no more affected by bloating and acidity; her acne also reduced!😵‍💫 If Baldeep can do it despite many odds, you can too!🙌🏻 Join FITELO now.😎

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