Manju’s improved metabolism and thyroid levels with our weight loss nutritionist

Savi Sharma

Savi Sharma
Oct 2021

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9 Kgs Gone In 75 Days With Improved Thyroid Levels: ‘Slow and steady wins the race’. This proverb suits best with the weight loss transformation that we are going to talk about today. Manju, a teacher turned housewife from Panchkula, joined Fitelo when she was feeling her lowest health-wise. She got acquainted with our team of weight loss nutritionists.

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Her weight loss journey is an inspiring one on so many levels. Manju was suffering from hyperthyroidism which made weight loss more difficult. She experienced trouble sleeping too. Add to that, Manju had depression. Moreover, Manju was desperate to lose weight as quickly as possible in the beginning. There were times when she lost hope and was experiencing lows. At this point, our weight loss nutritionists supported her with everything they had and got her out of that phase

With the dietitian’s support, Manju became more patient and happier. She trusted the weight loss nutritionists completely, and this was one reason, her journey is one a unique one.

Her weight loss was initially slow, but the weight loss nutritionists’ constant push along with Manju’s undying faith and determination made her reach her goal. Manju lost 9 kgs after many efforts! She resolved her sleep issues as well. Also, her thyroid levels went down! The best part of her journey is that her metabolism improved to a great extent.

Manju is proof that despite so many roadblocks, constant will and efforts will make you emerge victoriously!

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