Weight Loss Tips: Top 10 Secrets You Should Know [2023]

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10 weight loss tips

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Do you feel driven to change yourself in a healthy way after seeing others transform themselves? Keep calm, and start your healthy journey without compromising your favorite food. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is as simple as making mistakes without realizing them. Rather it’s about weight gain, weight management, weight loss, or a healthy lifestyle, you don’t need to recite any particular mantra. The rules are simple; consistency, dedication, mindful eating, and the right weight loss tips you are following. Weight loss doesn’t have to be a difficult process as many of us make it by trying to adapt to restricted diet plans that require us to track every calorie or exclude whole food groups from our diets.

Instead of trying crash diets try adopting a series of healthy behaviors into your daily routine first rather than taking drastic steps. Today we are sharing with you weight loss tips that will help you in your weight loss journey. Moreover, these habits maintain a healthy weight once they become a part of your daily life. So let’s start!

10 Weight Loss Tips To Reduce Weight At Home

Who says you can only shed extra kilos by keeping yourself hungry, by portion control, or by keto diet plan? Adding these weight loss tips to your daily routine will easily lead to a healthy lifestyle and weight management. Let’s find out the easy and best ways to lose weight:

1. Lifestyle Changes

“Small changes make a big difference.”

  • People often find it difficult to make lifestyle changes for weight loss, however, you can start with small changes such as only eating when you are hungry, avoiding snacks with a cup of your daily chai, shifting to healthy snacks, avoiding eating while watching tv, these small steps can result into big changes in your weight loss journey.
  • According to researchers, people who adopt these small lifestyle changes on a daily basis tend to lose weight fast without any bounce back.
  • Regular exercise helps you lose weight by burning calories and raising your metabolic rate. Additionally, it increases muscular mass. Therefore, adding some form of physical activity to your daily lifestyle can lead to weight loss.

2. Never Skip Breakfast 

“A healthy start to the day leads to healthy living.”

  • Avoid cutting down breakfast which is your morning fuel for the day. If you are attempting to lose weight make sure to start your day healthy.
  • In reality, studies repeatedly demonstrate that missing breakfast is linked to becoming overweight and obese. Therefore you should never skip your breakfast. Don’t rely on packed or so-called healthy foods. Go for healthy breakfast ideas.
  • If you wish to lose weight in a healthy way make sure your first meal of the day is well-balanced and contains lots of protein, good fats, and dietary fiber.

3. Drink More Water

“Drinking adequate water can help you revive your metabolism.”

  • Any diet you will follow or consult any dietitian, the most frequent question he or she asks for water intake. So, proper water intake is one of the most prior weight loss tips one must follow.
  • People who are highly active, on medication, or are sick with a virus infection must consume more water.
  • The most accessible approach to make sure you are well hydrated is to sip on the water before, during, and after an exercise, or meal as well as whenever you’re feeling thirsty. 
  • Eating more vegetables and fruits can help you keep hydrated as well.

4. Adequate Sleep 

“Never underestimate the power of a good sleep.”

  • One of the finest things you can do to keep your weight in check and your health is to get proper and sufficient sleep.
  • You can try to follow the 3-2-1 rule, which states that for deep sleep, people should stop working three hours before bed, stop eating two hours before bed, and stop using any gadgets one hour before bed.
  • Less sleep can increase cortisol, making it more difficult to eliminate body and belly fat. Thus, a proper 6- 8 hours of sleep is good for weight loss.

5. Avoid Flavored Drinks

Say no to all sugar and flavored drinks, they contribute the most to extra weight.

  • Don’t drink fruits, eat them. Instead of eating whole fruits, we prefer to drink juice. This effectively eliminates fiber from our diet. 
  • Furthermore, relying on too many cold and sugar drinks to overcome dehydration is a common mistake. 
  • By this, we are simply consuming a lot of calories. It’s important to avoid Flavored, high-calorie drinks and so-called healthy beverages to lose weight fast.
weight loss tips
weight loss tips

6. Reward Yourself With a Cheat Meal

“Treat yourself once in a while with a cheat meal because you deserve it.”

  • When you have your favorite dish or dessert, your brain produces happy hormones called endorphins.
  • A weekly reward meal has proven to build your metabolism by increasing the level of leptin which is the satiety hormone. In a way it makes you feel fuller and satisfied.
  • If you consider your cheat meal as a reward meal, you are self-rewarding yourself for your consistency and it would further motivate you to achieve another mini-milestone.

7. Vitamin D Intake 

“10 minutes in the sun is as important as your meals.”

  • Vitamin D keeps your hormone level under check and helps enhance weight loss and decrease body fat. Simultaneously, when you lose weight, your body’s capability to absorb Vitamin D also increases. So, in a way, once you start having the right dose of Vitamin D, your body’s absorption rate also increases.
  • The Vitamin D benefits are unlimited. Vitamin D deficiency can lead to serious consequences such as weak immunity, weak bones, depression, muscle loss, or even chronic conditions like cancer
  • Simply, go out and absorb the sunlight for 10 minutes daily. It will fulfill your daily recommended requirement of Vitamin D.

8. Avoid Sugar

“Sugar does not just affect your weight loss journey, but it’s unhealthy all.”

  • Sugar in any form is unhealthy, Jaggery, honey, and brown sugar are no different from refined white sugar as they all are ranked high in the glycemic index (which induces fluctuation in insulin levels of the body ) and hence are considered to be harmful to the diabetic.
  • Consumption of sugar releases dopamine in the mind, which is the pleasure center of the brain. Once you start consuming it, your body gets used to these to release these reward centers. Hence, you get addicted to it. It is not healthy for people suffering from being overweight to consume sugar, and it even further affects your weight loss journey.
  • You can switch to stevia which is considered to be the closest healthier alternative to refined sugar because of the fact that it is made from a plant called stevia which is 6 times sweeter than regular sugar. Stevia carries Very fewer calories unlike sugar, which has four calories in 1 gram.

9. Meal Planning

“One of the most important parts to losing weight fast is meal planning.”

  • The major reason for being overweight people is eating habits and not a proper diet, therefore a healthy diet plan for weight loss is important. 
  • Although you will find numerous weight loss diets, the most important step in the weight loss journey is meal planning. It will save your time and meal planning also helps in portion control.
  • A diet plan for weight loss is a specific type of diet chart for weight loss or weight management that consists of all the nutrients such as vitamins, dietary fibers, protein, and carbs, that our body requires to stay healthy and fit and it even provides energy to the body for daily chores. 

10. Pick Healthy Snacks

“Be mindful while picking your snacks during your weight loss journey.”

  • It’s okay to have snacks during your weight loss journey but what matters is the kind of snack you consume. Instead of going for processed food, you can prepare a snack at home.
  • You can add fruits and vegetables to your weight loss diet. Try to make a healthy evening snack or late-night binge. There are several healthy and easy snack recipes on Fitelo’s page that you can easily make at home at any given hour.
  • If you are looking for options for healthy snack recipes you can try our 7 snacks for weight loss recipes.

Do weight loss tips really help?

Weight loss is not about crash diets, calorie control, portion control, or keto diet, but it’s about little lifestyle changes. It’s not about less eating, but how you eat. Here is how Fitelo has been able to transform life with a customized diet plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Weight loss tips – What are the best foods for weight loss?


  • Best fruits enriched with vitamins such as (plum, pear, Jamun, and papaya).
  • Vegetables filled with dietary fibers such as (zucchini, okra/bhindi, and sweet potato).
  • Dry fruits (almonds, cashews, and dates).
  • Iron-rich food (beans, lentils, oatmeal, and eggs).

Q. Can You Eat Junk Food During Weight Loss?

Ans: Eating junk food once a time in a month is okay because it is unhealthy. But yes, Fitlo’s dietitians do give a cheat meal in their diet plan.

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Weight Loss is been a major issue for many people and losing weight is not easy moreover it’s mentally and physically challenging. You need proper guidance from professionals to help you overcome this. Therefore, if you are facing the same challenges, seek a dietitian, find the best diet plan for weight loss and achieve your goal. We at Fitelo offer a customized diet plan for every individual depending on their health problems or body issues.

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This blog post was written to help you to make healthy and better food choices altogether. So, be aware and take care. The important thing to consider is your own health before starting a diet that is restrictive. Therefore, always seek advice from a doctor/dietitian before starting if you have any concerns.
Eat Healthy, Live Healthy. Enjoy a long happy life.

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