Shahid’s weight loss transformation

Japleen Kaur

Japleen Kaur
Dec 2020

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before and after weight loss success story

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15 kgs gone in 100 days

before and after weight loss success story

His story

Read Shahid’s weight loss transformation. Shahid from Noida is an Entrepreneur who was struggling with his increased weight for a while. While scrolling online one fine day, Shahid found us and thought of giving our experts a chance to work with him.


He had tried a lot of fad diets. Adding to that, he was on intermittent fasting before joining us. After all the hits and trials at his end, he surely lost a lot of kgs but was not consistent in his efforts. He surely needed a sustainable journey to not let his weight bounce back or we can say lose weight permanently. Thus, he wanted disciplined and professional help to guide him to lose weight. Our dietitian made him learn the art of healthy eating managing out on cheat meals too.

Medical Concerns

It was his positive attitude throughout the journey. He was not at all fussy, did not want any changes in diet. He followed the diet as it was given very religiously. It is his zeal that helped him achieve his goals. Kudos to you Shahid for bagging this amazing weight loss transformation.

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Here are some of the recipes we planned for Shahid, you can try too:

Brown Rice Biryani

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