Weight Loss Without Gym: A Success Story of Deepak With Fitelo

Snehil Sharma

Snehil Sharma
Jul 2020

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Weight loss doesn’t begin in the gym with dumbbells. It starts in your head with a decision. These lines were said by Toni Sorenson. We at Fitelo also feel the same that it is not always necessary for a person to hit the gym or perform a vigorous exercise routine to shed weights.

Today’s success story is similar to these quotes and ideology. Deepak Lal works in the corporate world and has no time to hit the gym. He was all focused on his office routine and neglected all physical activities. He always knew the health consequences but never had the push to start a weight loss journey.

Weight Loss Transformation Journey of Deepak

Deepak has a busy and hectic lifestyle with absolutely no focus on fitness and nutrition. He connected Fitelo with all his weight loss queries and issues. Our dieticians worked with him and created a customized diet plan according to his lifestyle and food preferences. And also keeping his request on priority that he wants shed weight loss without gym

Also, in Fitelo, we always keep in mind to know the likes and dislikes of our clients in order to make sure that we fit our diet plans into your daily routine effortlessly with a cheat day every week.

Significant Lifestyle Changes After Joining Fitelo

Deepak lost 8.2 kg in one month with the expert guidance of our team. Moreover, after joining Fitelo and constant motivation of dieticians, ensuring that he lost weight without exercising or consuming any sort of supplements.

Remarkable Result

With the customized diet plan and constant efforts, deepak got amazing results. During his weight loss journey, he has dramatically lost 8.2 kg in one month which is a complete personality transformation.

Fitelo team is so proud of Deepak for being able to manage such an incredible weight loss success story.

Way to go Deepak. Eat healthily and stay healthy.

If you too want to shed kilos without indulging in a tough exercise routine, what are you waiting for?

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