What is Whey Protein? Its Consumption, Benefits and Side Effects


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Weight loss and protein go hand in hand. Dietitians employ protein diets to clients wishing to lose weight. Speaking of which, supplements too have become an option people consider to lose weight. One the most common ones of which is whey protein.

This supplement is the by product of cheese preparation and is a great source of protein.

Before we dive into whey protein- Its benefits and side effects- lets understand how does protein help in weight loss.

Protein And Weight Loss

Protein serves a dual purpose-

1. Your workout essential

protein workout

Protein is macronutrient that helps repair the worn out tissues of the body and also helps in body building- something the 4th standard science textbook already told us. So lets keep it as simple as the science textbook and build upon what it told us.
When we say that protein helps build muscle mass we can also say that we lose fat mass and become lean, which means we are losing weight.

Another reason pertaining to workout is that, when we work out, wear and tear of muscle tissues takes place. Proteins act as God sent soldiers which help remedy the situation by repairing worn out muscles.

2. Your diet partner

whey protein diet

Protein takes longer to digest when compared to our sources of food. As a result of which greater energy is employed in breaking down the food and hence you land up losing more weight.

Ohh😯! So does whey protein serve a dual purpose too? And if yes, then why is there so much controversy surrounding whey protein?

Is Whey Protein Bad?

Let’s take up one question at a time- first one being does whey protein serve a dual purpose?

The answer is NO!

Whey protein is a great source of protein which will definitely serve a great purpose when coming to workout. It is sure to help repair those worn out tissues as a result of workout and helps build muscle mass.

But kahani meh ek twist hai!

These benefits are promised only when you work out and not if you lead a sedentary life and expect to lose weight through diet.

What happens instead is you take in great amounts of protein and not burn it. As a result of which the protein gets stored in the form of fat in the body negating the entire purpose of consuming them in the first place.

So when trying to lose weight the best way to use protein to your benefit is to consume it from natural sources over these human made supplements.

Side Effects Of Whey Protein

side effects

It doesn’t end here. Consumption of whey protein includes a number of side effects too, like-

  • Stomach pains
  • Cramps
  • Reduced appetite
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Fatigue

Consistent high doses of whey protein may also cause acne. 

So, Is Whey Protein A Big No ?

If you are not into heavy workout routines, we would recommend you not consuming it. This is because, in that case the body would not utilize it the way it should and would do more harm than good. You should strictly take whey protein only when you are working out and not when you rely only on diet to lose weight.


We are not advocates of not consuming whey protein. What we instead wish to bring to you is that don’t be fooled by the false claims companies make to sell their protein dabbas. Instead, rely on natural sources and keep life simple.

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Make sure you consume whey protein only while you are following a regular workout routine. As we have mentioned, its unnecessary consumption can have unwanted side effects like liver toxicity and formation of kidney stones.

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