Why should we cheat on our weight-loss journey?


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Why should we cheat on our weight-loss journey?

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Why should we cheat on our weight-loss journey? Mostly I’m teased by you all that I deprive or post/ spread knowledge in such a way that I stop you all from eating anything and everything ???

And a very important question popped up to my mind is that most people, either cheat very often or don’t eat any of their favorite foods while they are on their weight loss journey. Nobody is actually clear about why should we cheat on our weight-loss journey?

People have two schools of thought.
-One school says you should not have any kind of cheat meal.
-Second school suggests that cheat meals are important in our transformation journey.

What is actually correct?

Call it a reward meal rather than a cheat meal. ??

Importance of cheat meals:

1. Reduces stress

When you have your favorite dish or dessert, your brain produces happy hormones called endorphins. Along with that dopamine, the hormone is also released which decreases the cortisol level, thereby reducing your stress.

2. Regulates your metabolism

A weekly reward meal has proven to build your metabolism by increasing the level of leptin which is the satiety hormone. In a way it makes you feel fuller and satisfied.

3. Regulates your hormones

Reward meals can help you to regulate your hormones responsible for metabolism and insulin. Thus keeping your day burning process intact.

4. It actually makes you lose weight

If you consider your cheat meal as a reward meal, you are self-rewarding yourself for your consistency and it would further motivate you to achieve another mini-milestone.


There is nothing wrong with rewarding yourself during your weight loss journey. But most of you must be wondering what should be the ideal number of reward meals? Divide your weight loss goal into weekly mini-milestones and you can reward yourself after achieving your milestone. But, make sure that your cheat meal doesn’t end as a CHEAT DAY and a Cheat day into a CHEAT WEEK. ????

So, if you are struggling to choose from food options for a weight loss plan, contact us now for the appropriate diet plan specially designed according to your food choices.

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