Winter Weight Loss Diet: 5 Best Foods, Tips, And Recipes

Shalini Thakur

Shalini Thakur
Dec 2022

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winter weight loss diet plan

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Winter is the time when you need to watch out and pay more attention to your weight as we tend to feel lazy and extra hungry during winter. The winter weight loss diet that we are sharing with you today, will help you out with your weight loss and also in keeping a track of your healthy eating. In this article, we are not just sharing the winter season diet plan for weight loss but also some amazing tips, recipes, and food that you must add to your lifestyle to see a difference in your body.

It’s true that many people gain weight when the weather turns colder due to many reasons such as a lack of sunlight, overeating, and not leaving the bed. But blaming these factors for the extra belly fat you’ve put on throughout the colder months is not a good idea. Making small modifications in your lifestyle, such as adding vitamin D rich foods that can help you stay in shape or a little walk or you may take care of your health and fitness by following this Indian winter weight loss diet plan. So let’s begin 

Winter Weight Loss Diet Chart

There is a lot of diet plan for weight loss, but there isn’t a simple solution that instantly burns fat. Before beginning any diet plan, it may be wise to speak with a trained dietician because you need a personalized food plan depending on your body type and general health. Here is a simple winter diet plan for weight loss.

winter weight loss diet plan

Top 5 Foods That You Must Add To Your Winter Weight Loss Diet

Here are  our top 5 healthy picks for this winter season that you must add to your winter weight loss diet plan to witness a change in your body weight:

1. Dates To Include In Your Winter Weight Loss Diet

  • If we talk about date benefits, this winter superfood is just a replacement for sugar but has tons of health, hair, and skin benefits.
  • Adding this middle eastern fruit to your diet can be good for weight loss and a safe way out for diabetic people. So don’t forget to add dates to your winter diet.

2. Turnip

  • This winter vegetable is known for its nutrition, Shalgam vegetable however is a vitamin C rich food that is required by the body for overall health.
  • White turnip also contains the component choline, this nutrient helps in better sleep and in muscle movement.

3. Carrot Is A Must In Your Winter Weight Loss Diet

  • This root vegetable is everyone’s favorite for winter, it is also one of the best vegetables for health and weight loss. Carrot Benefits not only the eyes but overall health. It is enriched with the goodness of iron, vitamins A, K, and vitamin C.
  • However, carrots are low in calories,100 grams of carrots will give you only 40 calories, and also carrots are loaded with dietary fiber which helps in better digestion. Here is a carrot recipe for weight loss for you by Fitelo.

4. Sweet Potato

  • One of the biggest sweet potato benefits is that it has 145 kcal per 100 grams which makes them a suitable choice for weight loss.
  • The fiber content in sweet potatoes is higher than in potatoes. Moreover, the presence of vitamin B complex, vitamin D & C, calcium, and beta carotene in sweet potato makes it a perfect superfood for reducing gastritis.
  • You can add this vegetable t your diet in so many ways, a sweet potato salad, soup, or baked in any form they taste delicious.

5. Pumpkin Is The Best Fruit For Winter Weight Loss Diet

  • Pumpkin fruit is always seen everywhere during the winter season, it is considered a healthy food as it’s incredibly low in calories and also packed with nutrients hence pumpkin benefits weight loss.
  • A 100-gm of raw pumpkin contains just 26 calories. So, you can pack in a whole lot of nutrition in a relatively low number of calories.

5 Best Tips For Weight Loss In Winters

Here are impactful tips on how to reduce extra fat this winter by just making these small changes:

1. Making Small Changes To Your Routine

  • People often find it difficult to make lifestyle changes for weight loss, especially during winter, however, you can start with small changes such as avoiding snacks with your daily chai, shifting to healthy snacks like peanuts or makhanas, not spending the entire day in bed, these small steps can result into big changes in your weight loss journey.
  • According to researchers, people who adopt these small lifestyle changes on a daily basis tend to lose weight fast without any bounce back.

2. Spending time In The Sun

  • Simply, go out and absorb the sunlight for 10 minutes daily. It will fulfill your daily recommended requirement of Vitamin D.
  • The Vitamin D benefits are unlimited. Vitamin D deficiency can lead to serious consequences such as weak immunity, weak bones, depression, muscle loss, or even chronic conditions like cancer.

3. Cutting Down On Sugar

  • White Sugar or any form is unhealthy, Jaggery, honey, and brown sugar are no different from refined white sugar as they all are ranked high in the glycemic index (which induces fluctuation in insulin levels of the body ).
  • Consuming sugar releases dopamine in the mind, which is the pleasure center of the brain. Once you start consuming it, your body gets addicted to it. It is not healthy for people suffering from being overweight to consume sugar, and it can also lead to other health issues such as diabetes.

4. Including Fiber Rich Food In Your Diet

  • A diet rich in fiber helps you lose weight and decreases the chances of weight gain. Fiber rich foods consist of low calories and make you feel fuller for a long time, which means no unnecessary hunger pangs or craving for junk.
  • In winter we tend to feel more hungry however, Fiber food keeps you satiated for a longer time thus reducing your appetite, thereby helping you to avoid overeating.

5. Having An Early Dinner

  • Having an early dinner i.e. 4 hours before bed can decrease junk and sugar cravings as your body gets enough time to digest food and cleanse out all the toxins.
  • Moreover, you not only improve digestion or maintain your sleep cycle but it also decreases the chances of heart disease and high blood pressure.
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5 Quick Winter Recipes For Weight Loss

Brace your taste buds with these amazing healthy yet mouth-watering recipes for winter that you must make:

1. Shalgam Ki Sabzi

Turnip or commonly known as Shalgam in Hindi is a very famous fall and winter vegetable. So here is a delicious “shalgam ki sabji” the best way to add this winter goodness to your diet. 

2. Til Ke Laddu

Til ke laddu or sesame laddu is not just scrumptious in taste but is rich in iron and packed with other nutrients, therefore they are the perfect snack to binge on during weight loss and even during winters

3. Ginger Pickle

This pickle recipe is very popular in the land of Andhra Pradesh and is commonly made and eaten during winter. When consumed in moderation, this pickle can be very healthy and keeps one warm in the cold winters. 

4. Vegetable Soup

Nothing is more comforting than a bowl of hot and healthy vegetable soup on a cold winter day. This winter soup recipe is a must-make.

5. Oats Namkeen

This lip-smacking yet nutritious homemade trail mix is an absolute must-make for your binging session.


Often in winter everyone ends up gaining extra weight or puts a stop to their weight loss journey this winter diet plan for weight loss with winter foods and recipes can really help you maintain and even shed those extra kilos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can Winter Weight Loss Diet Plan Really Helps In Weight Loss?

Ans. You can definitely lose weight if you follow a customized winter diet plan for weight loss, which will specifically cover your health issues and goals.

Q. Can I Cheat While I Am On A Winter Weight Loss Diet Plan?

Ans. Cheat meals are like a reward, you can indulge in them once in a while if suggested by your dietitian.

Q. How Can I Lose Belly Fat In Winters Faster?

Ans. You can do so, if you follow a winter diet plan for weight loss, along with minimal lifestyle changes.

Q. Which Is The Best Time To Lose Weight?

Ans. Watch this video to know which season is best for weight loss:

Fun Fact

What better way to start a cold winter morning than with a cup of hot ginger tea or adrak wali chai? Also, you can serve a cup of kadak ginger chai with a plate of your evening snacks like pakoras and biscuits.

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This blog post was written to help you to make healthy and better food choices altogether. So, be aware and take care. The important thing to consider is your own health before starting a diet that is restrictive. Therefore, always seek advice from a doctor/dietitian before starting if you have any concerns.
Eat Healthy, Live Healthy. Enjoy a long happy life.

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