Yoga for Concentration: Improve Focus With 5 Best Asanas

Yashi Chaudhary

Yashi Chaudhary
Sep 2022

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Yoga for Concentration

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Multitasking and endless-to-do tasks lead to forgetting things like where did I leave my meeting notes? Oh, sorry I forgot your name. Have you been getting distracted at your workplace or at home like this? Are you taking a long time to do even the simplest day-to-day tasks? Well, all these are signs of lacking concentration or that you may be suffering from concentration issues. If you are looking for different ways to increase your centering level, yoga for concentration may offer a solution to your problem.
Are you wondering which yoga poses can keep your mind in a sound state? Let’s discuss the most effective yoga asanas/poses, how to do them, and their overall benefits. 

How Yoga Helps you In Increasing Concentration?

India is the birthplace of yoga and it has been in practice for a long time. But now it is spreading worldwide and proving its worth. Yoga not only improves your physical health but is also beneficial for your mental well-being. Regular practicing yoga helps to calm your mind and senses. Rather its yoga for weight loss, yoga for diabetes, or yoga for constipation, proper yoga practice always gives results. In simple words, yoga helps in keeping fluctuating thoughts and distractions at bay, which in turn helps you attain a peaceful and calm state of mind. Therefore, practicing yoga on a regular basis is a perfect way of getting rid of the heap in your mind and attaining better concentration.

1. Mountain Pose or Tadasana (Best Yoga For Concentration)

Tadasana, or mountain pose, is a basic level hatha yoga pose. It should be preferred to be performed on an empty stomach or three to four hours after meals.

Benefits Of Tadasana Or Mountain Pose

This yoga pose is great for strengthening your legs and improving your overall posture. It keeps your spine more flexible and firms your buttocks and abdomen. This yoga pose is great for relieving any kind of pain or tension in the body.

How To Do Tadasana?

  • Firstly, stand with your feet a few inches apart, then with your arms by your side (in namaste position).
  • Then, exhaling gently shifts your body weight onto your toes and stretches your entire body upwards.
  • Now, hold the pose for a few seconds, inhaling as you come back.

Tips To Modify

You can intensify this yoga pose by extending your arms upwards as you stand on your toes. Also, you can stretch better by interlocking your fingers with your palms facing the ceiling.


If you suffer from insomnia, headaches, or low blood pressure, do not try this yoga pose.

2. Vrikshasana (Tree Pose)

Virkshasana is a beginner-level hatha yoga pose/asana. As the name suggests, this asana aims at attaining humility, stability, and grace like a tree. Preferably, you should perform this pose/asana in the morning on an empty stomach.

Tree Pose Or Vrikshasana Benefits

Performing this asana, your whole body stretches and it gets rid of any numbness. It helps you to calm your nervous system and helps in enhancing your stamina. Vrikshasana is the perfect pose/asana to improve your stability and balance. In all, this asana helps you gain composure and calm, which helps you build better self-esteem and confidence.

How To Do Vrikshasana?

  • Stand straight and your hands by your side.
  • Now, gently place the left leg on the right inner thigh and maintain your balance.
  • Now, slowly take both your arms over your head and make a namaskar pose.
  • Then, hold this position for some time while maintaining your balance.
  • And the last step is to get your arms back and release your left leg.

Tips To Modify

To gain good balance, stretch your arms sideways.


Do not place the foot on the knee while performing the asana, as it may put pressure on the knee. Always place it above or below the knee joint. For example, hypertension patients do not raise their arms above their heads for long; they can place their hands in front of the chest too.

3. Eagle Pose or Garud Asana

Eagle Pose/ asana is a basic level Vinyasa yoga asana/ pose which should be performed in the morning before eating breakfast. To get the remarkable results, this pose should be maintained for at least 30 to 40 seconds.

Benefits Of Garud Asana Or Eagle Pose

Garud asana is best for balancing the body and strengthening the leg muscles. This asana also helps in correcting the body posture and making it more agile. This asana also helps you to calm your mind and prevents asthma. Also, this asana helps you get rid of urinal issues.

Steps To Do In Garud Asana

  • Stand straight and your hands by your side.
  • Now, gently bend your left knee, lift your right leg and get it around your left leg so that your right foot touches your left shin.
  • Slowly, lift your arms to your shoulder height. Then, get your right arm around your left arm. Now, make sure your elbows are bent at 90 degrees.
  • Releasing the pose, and repeating the same asana on the other side.

How To Modify?

To get a deeper impact, kindly nudge the forearms towards the thighs. Then, hold the pose for 30 to 40 seconds.


Pregnant women should withhold this asana. Also, if you have knee, ankle, or elbow-related injuries, you should not perform this asana.

4. Mudra of Viparita Karani

The Sanskrit word viparita means’ reverse’, and Karani means” action to achieve a work”. By the word means’ action of reversing. ‘By means of reversing action, meaning here in Viparita Karani mudra, the flow of energy is reversed (energy which is present in the form of Soma (fluid)).

Mudra of Viparita Karani Benefits

  • Firstly, legs up the wall relax lower body muscles and release the tension from cramped feet and legs.
  • This yoga activates the throat chakra, which gives you the ability to better express emotions, yourself, and your creativity.
  • It also increases the secretion of digestive juices and improves the digestion process.

Step To Do Mudra of Viparita Karani Yoga Pose For Concentration

On a flat surface lay down on your back. Bring your hands to rest next to your hips.

  • Gently raise your legs up and bend from the hip level. Keep raising your leg until they get perpendicular to the floor.
  • Now, push your hands under the lower back and grab your waist from the back to support it.
  • Then, gradually inhale, hold your breath in, and with your hands’ support, raise your legs and lower back further up.
  • Use your elbows and hands together to raise your lower back. Your trunk should be at an approximate angle of 45 degrees from the floor.
  • Once the trunk is fixed, straighten your legs in the air so they come back at 90 degrees from the floor.
  • And then in the final position, invert your body weight onto the shoulders.

Tips to Modify

You can increase your time in this pose or asana. A minimum of 3 minutes is enough for beginners. whereas advanced yogis can hold it for 3 hours.


Make sure your bowels are empty. Especially if you are suffering from constipation. This inversion posture should be avoided when having high blood pressure, a thyroid disorder, or heart disease problems.

5. Trataka Asana

This yoga asana is a candle-gazing meditation technique that uses sight to bring stillness to the body and mind. You can practice Trataka using any object, such as a thumb, a star, a point on the wall, the flame of a burning candle, or the ground in front of you. But this asana is traditionally practiced using an actual candle flame.

Trataka Asana Benefits

This meditation has been around for generations. These asanas has survived over time due to ‘n’ numbers of benefits such as:

  • It reduces stress and anxiety.
  • Also, it improves concentration and memory.
  • Strengthens eyesight.
  • It stimulates the 6th chakra, i.e., Ajna. It controls intuition and mental awareness.

Step To Do Trataka Asana

(With Thumb)

  • First, we encourage you to remove your glasses while you’re doing a thumb meditation.
  • It is also crucial that you maintain a distance of 1–1.5 meters between you and your thumb.
  • And you don’t blink while gazing at your thumb.


Create a silent and peaceful environment to meditate in.


Try to focus on the object, and if using a candle, then you must use a wide space.

Benefits of Yoga For Concentration

Let’s have a look at the top 2 brain-related benefits you can achieve when you practice yoga for concentration.

  • Cognition and Memory 

Researchers found that within eight weeks of Hatha yoga improves cognitive functions within the brains of elderly individuals with sedentary lifestyles. And the participants improved significantly on tests that simulated important everyday tasks. Overall, researchers studied that practicing yoga a few times a week can positively impact your body’s response to stress as well as your cognitive abilities.

  • Reduce Anxiety and Increase Energy

Hatha yoga helps participants in increasing their energy level, further aiding their ability to focus and improve brain functionality. The success of Hatha yoga increases energy levels that come from the release of endorphins, and it also increases blood flow as you practice posing and breathing exercises.


What are the best yoga asanas for concentration?

There are various yoga poses that work wonders for focus, memory, and concentration. These are:

  • Mountain Pose or Tadasana
  • Vrikshasana (Tree Pose)
  • Eagle Pose or Garud Asana
  • Mudra of Viparita Karani
  • Trataka Asana

Does yoga help in focus and concentration?

Yes, obviously. Yoga has been shown to have a significant impact on neural patterns in the brain, which enhance focus and mental concentration.

Bottom Line

Yoga for concentration can do wonders with your mind and body if you are taking a healthy diet simultaneously. It can remarkably improve your mental health and ability to cope with stressful situations. Yoga helps you to calm the mind and keep distracting ideas at bay. However, the yoga asanas above can improve your concentration levels and ability to focus. These asanas balance your breathing, build self-confidence, and increase awareness. So, why not give these yoga asanas a try and improve the quality of living? Grab your yoga mat today and get started.

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This blog post was written to help you to choose yoga for your fit and healthy body. The important thing to consider is your own health before starting any yoga position that is restrictive. Therefore, if you have any concerns related to health always seek advice from a doctor before starting.

Enjoy a long happy and healthy life.

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