6 Best Yoga Poses To Cure Diabetes And Case Study [2022]

Kirti Tayal

Kirti Tayal
Sep 2022

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Yoga has played a vital role in everyone’s life for ages. But in today’s world, because of the lifestyle people have no time for their health. Moreover, our sedentary lifestyle and food habits lead to many issues like diabetes, constipation, chronic diseases, etc. However, yoga is a natural treatment that fits easily into everyone’s busy life schedule and can help to overcome these diseases. Although people are not very aware that yoga not only helps in daily well-being but also targets specific health concerns like yoga for constipation, and yoga for diabetes, and does show a positive improvement in blood sugar levels and body composition. Diabetes is the most common problem people are suffering from.

Let’s find out through this article, how to cure diabetes with yoga and learn how simple yoga asanas can help to improve your overall health.

How Can Yoga Help With Diabetes?

If you are diabetic, eating healthy and daily exercise is the best way to keep your sugar levels in control and yoga can be considered one of the best forms of exercise to fight diabetes. Instead of going for medicine, you can try yoga for diabetes as it increases glucose which helps to lower blood sugar levels and blood pressure. Like yoga for constipation helps to cure constipation, yoga for weight loss helps you shed kilos. So, the same is for diabetic patients. Let’s find out the best yoga poses or asanas for diabetes.

Yoga Poses For Diabetes

Although there are various asanas for Diabetes. Here are seven asanas that are considered the most effective to treat diabetes :

1. Mandukasana [Frog Pose]

Manduk means frog in Sanskrit hence this yoga posture is in a frog shape.

Benefits of Mandukasana

  • It is a seating asana. 
  • Mandukasana is the most effective asana for diabetes.
  • This asana helps in improving the production of insulin in the body. 

2. Vakrasana [Twisted Pose]

Vakra means twisted in Sanskrit hence the name is vakrasana. This is a spine-twisted pose for flexibility.

Benefits of Vakrasana

  • Vakrasana is a spinal twist pose.
  • This posture improves the functioning of the pancreas.
  • This asana also massages the abdominal organs. 
  • Moreover, it increases the production of insulin in the body.

3.  Mastyendrasana [Lord Of The Fish Pose]

It is a seated twist asana that is practiced to improve body posture.

Benefits Of Mastyendrasana

  • It helps improve the function of the liver, pancreas, and spleen.
  • Moreover, this asana improves the production of insulin in the body.
  • It also improves digestion and removes toxins from the body.
  • Besides It even helps to reduce obesity.

4. Bhujangasana [Cobra Pose]

It is a lying down pose as a part of sun salutation, it is considered best for the spine.

Benefits of Bhujangsana

  • It is a prone posture.
  • This asana also stimulates abdominal muscles.
  • It also reduces your blood sugar levels.

5. Virabhadrasana [Warrior Pose]

Warrior Pose is a half-standing asana for stability and muscle strength.


Benefits of Virabhadrasana

  • This yoga pose provides good blood circulation. 
  • It also gives energy to the whole body.
  • Moreover, it helps in stretching the whole body, especially the belly.

6. Malasana [Garland Pose]

It is also known as a yogic squat as its a full bend squat, and it helps stretch the entire lower body.

Benefits of Malasana

  •  This is a sitting posture.
  •  Malasana helps to stretch the abdominal muscle and also strengthens the abdominal organs.
  •  It also prevents pregnant women from getting diabetic.

Yoga Tips For Diabetes

Let’s read out the following yoga tips listed below:

  • Sufficient Intake Of Protein And Fats

Sufficient protein intake reduces the risk of diabetes and also improves metabolism which helps to reduce body weight. Healthy fats help to lower the blood sugar level and improve insulin production in the body.

  • Eat More Fibers

Fibers help to control the level of blood sugar and also help to keep the blood sugar level in the proper range. Fiber-rich food can keep your stomach fuller for a longer time and also reduce the level of blood glucose level.

  • Daily Exercise

Doing daily exercises and yoga helps lower the blood sugar level and boost the body. It also helps the body to be sensitive to insulin.

  • Changes In Lifestyle 

However, making some changes in your daily routine help to control the level of diabetes like doing daily yoga practice and eating healthy and focusing on eating according to your body’s needs, and limiting the food which is high in fat and sugar. Therefore, these small daily lifestyle changes can be very helpful with yoga in a long run.

  • Avoid Sugar

Your body gains weight when you eat too many foods containing added sugar and because of that, the chances of getting type 2 diabetes increase. Besides you need to avoid such food items and switch to healthier options like fruits and dry nuts.

Case Study Of Diabetic Patient

  • Name Meenakshi Goel.
  • Age: 45 yr.
  • Location: Chandigarh

Issue: Diagnosed with Prediabetes

Symptoms: Frequent urination, fatigue, increased thirst.

With age, many of us feel various changes in our health. The same thing happened with Meenakshi. She was facing many problems like fatigue, increased thirst, weight gain, etc. Then, as per her sister’s suggestion, she went for a proper body test, and she found out that she was suffering from a prediabetic condition. The doctor suggested making changes to her lifestyle. The doctor also suggested she take some medications and asked her to incorporate yoga into her daily routine. So, she started taking yoga classes, and after some time, she found yoga very helpful and relaxing for her physical and mental health. She also followed yoga very diligently, and after almost 7-8 months, was able to overcome diabetes. Now she is happier and healthier than before. Moreover, she also made yoga a vital part of her daily routine to have a fit and happy future.

Yoga Poses She Followed:

  • Mandukasana 
  • Bhujangasana
  • Matsyendrasana
  • Vakrasana
  • Markatasana  

Outcomes: Here are the outcomes:

Psychological Changes

  •  Good Mood.
  •  Increased Life quality.
  •  No Stress.

Physiological Changes 

  •  Losing Body weight 
  •  Blood pressure control.
  •  Less Cholesterol 
  •  Decreased Blood glucose 
  •  Increased production of Insulin in the body.
  •  Improvement Endothelial function

So, this is how yoga can play an important role in our life. Any disease can be treated with proper diet, yoga, and guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Are the Benefits of Yoga?

Ans. Yoga has numerous health benefits. It helps in mental and physical well-being. Moreover, yoga practice over time becomes a way of living. It helps fight many health issues such as high blood pressure, constipation, etc.

Q. What Are the Side Effects of Yoga?

Ans. You need proper guidance if you are a beginner. Moreover, yoga does not have any side – effects if followed properly by someone who is experienced.


People are very well aware of Yoga’s benefits for health and skin, however, yoga can treat several health issues and it even helps to recover from diabetes faster. Following yoga on daily basis can really help fights all type of health issues like blood pressure and heart diseases and it is beneficial in the long run for a happy and healthy life.

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