10 Best Yoga Poses For Back Pain To Practice Every Day

Sanya Singh

Sanya Singh
Apr 2023

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Yoga Poses For Back Pain

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Nowadays, people are so busy working on their laptops and phones that they tend to sit on a chair continuously for hours. This, further, leads to nothing but severe back pain or neck pain.
The solution, however, they find for this is then either taking painkillers or applying an ointment.
But not anymore. Yes, you don’t have to go to the market and spend your money on these because now you can practice yoga poses for back pain at home itself.
Yoga, is, however, the natural, best, most effective, and safest way to release the pain in the back. 
So, below are mentioned all the yoga poses that you can do, along with the method and the muscles they work on.

Let us read further.

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What Is Yoga?

Yoga originated in ancient India and however, is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines.

It aims to control and still, the mind, recognizing a detached witness consciousness untouched by the mind and mundane suffering. 

How Is Yoga Beneficial For The Pain In Back?

If you’re dealing with back pain, then nothing could be better than doing yoga. Yoga is a mind-body therapy that is recommended to treat not only back pain but also, reduce stress also. However, the appropriate poses can relax and strengthen your body.

Moreover, doing the recommended poses of yoga even for a few minutes each day helps you gain more awareness of your body and create more balance. 

So, below are the 10 best yoga poses for back pain.

1. Cat-Cow

Cat cow is known as Bitilasana and is the gentle pose that is accessible for backbend stretches and mobilizes the spine. 

However, practicing this pose also stretches your torso, shoulders, and neck.

It helps erector spinae, rectus abdominis, triceps, serratus anterior, and gluteus maximus.

How to do this?

  • Firstly, get on all fours and place your wrists underneath your shoulders and your knees underneath your hips balancing your weight evenly between all four points.
  • Secondly, do inhale as you look up and let your stomach drop down toward the mat.
  • Then exhale as you tuck your chin into your chest, drawing your navel toward your spine, and arch your spine toward the ceiling.
  • Continue this for 1 minute at least

2. Downward Facing Dog

This traditional forward bend can be restful and rejuvenating and is called Adho Mukha Svanasana. If you practice this pose it will help relieve your back pain, and sciatica, helps to work out imbalances in the body, and improves strength.

It works on hamstrings, deltoids, gluteus maximus, triceps, quadriceps

How to do this?

  • Firstly, get on all fours, placing your hands in alignment under your wrists and your knees under your hips.
  • Now press into your hands, tuck your toes under, and lift up your knees, bringing your sitting bones up toward the ceiling.
  • Make sure to keep a slight bend in your knees and lengthen your spine and tailbone and your heels slightly off the ground.
  • Then pressing firmly into your hands, distribute your weight evenly between both sides of your body, paying attention to the position of your hips and shoulders.
  • Your head should be in line with your upper arms or with your chin tucked in slightly.
  • Hold this pose for up to 1 minute.

3. Extended Triangle

Trikonasana also, known as the triangle pose is the classic standing posture that helps alleviate backache, sciatica, and neck pain.

Also, it helps stretches your spine, hips, and groin, and strengthens your shoulders, chest, and legs, and relieves anxiety, and stress resulting in good mental health.

It works latissimus dorsi, internal oblique, gluteus maximus and medius, hamstrings, and quadriceps.

How to do this?

  • Firstly, from standing, walk your feet about 4 feet apart and turn your right toes to face forward, and your left toes out at an angle.
  • Now lift your arms parallel to the floor with your palms facing down, tilt forward and hinge at your right hip to come forward with your arm and torso.
  • Bring your hand to your leg and extend your left arm up toward the ceiling, looking up, forward, or down.
  • Repeat on the opposite side and hold this pose for up to 1 minute.

4. Spheinx Pose

Salamba Bhujangasana also, called sphenix pose is a gentle backbend that strengthens your spine and buttocks. 

Also, it stretches your chest, shoulders, and abdomen and helps relieve stress.

It works on erector spinae, gluteal muscles, pectoralis major, trapezius, latissimus dorsi

How to do this?

  • Firstly place a mat and lie on your stomach with your legs extended behind you.
  • Secondly, engage the muscles of your lower back, buttocks, and thighs, bringing your elbows under your shoulders with your forearms on the floor and your palms facing down.
  • Thirdly, slowly lift up your upper torso and head along with gently lifting and engaging your lower abdominals to support your back.
  • Make sure to keep your gaze straight ahead as you fully relax in this pose, while at the same time remaining active and engaged.
  • Hold this pose for up to 5 minutes.

5. Cobra Pose

Cobra pose or Bhujangasana is a gentle backbend that helps stretch your abdomen, chest, and shoulders.

Practicing this pose strengthens your spine and may soothe sciatica. It may also help to relieve stress and fatigue that can accompany back pain.

It helps on hamstrings, gluteus maximus, deltoids, triceps, and serratus anterior.

How to do this?

  • So at first lie on your stomach with your hands under your shoulders and your fingers facing forward.
  • Then draw your arms in tightly to your chest and do not let your elbows to go out to the side.
  • Now, press into your hands to slowly lift your head, chest, and shoulders and maintain a slight bend in your elbows.
  • To deepen the pose you can let your head drop back and release back down to your mat on an exhale.
  • Then bring your arms by your side and rest your head and slowly move your hips from side to side to release tension from your lower back.

6. Locust Pose

Salabhasana or locust pose is another one of the best yoga poses for lower back pain, This gentle backbend helps relieve lower back pain and fatigue and also, strengthens the back torso, arms, and legs.

It works on trapezius, erector spinae, gluteus maximus, triceps

How to do this?

  • Firstly, lie on your stomach with your arms next to your torso and your palms facing up.
  • Secondly, touch your big toes together and turn out your heels to the side and place your forehead lightly on the floor.
  • Thirdly, lift your head slowly, chest, and arms partway, halfway, or all the way up bringing your hands together and interlacing your fingers behind your back.
  • You can lift your legs to deepen the pose and look straight ahead or slightly upward as you lengthen the back of your neck.
  • Hold to this pose for up to 1 minute and rest before repeating the pose.

7. Bridge Pose

The bridge poses or setu bandh asana is a backbend and inversion stunt that can be stimulating and is a restorative yoga pose for back pain.

However, it stretches the spine and it may relieve backaches and headaches.

It works on the rectus and transverse abdominis, gluteus muscles, erector spinae, and hamstrings.

How to do this?

  • First, place a mat on the floor and lie on your back with your knees bent and heels drawn into your sitting bones, and rest your arms alongside your body.
  • Secondly, press your feet and arms into the floor as you lift your tailbone up and continue lifting until your thighs are parallel to the floor.
  • Thirdly, leave your arms as they are, bringing your palms together with interlaced fingers under your hips, or placing your hands under your hips for support.
  • Now try to hold this pose for up to 1 minute and release by slowly rolling your spine back down to the floor, vertebra by vertebra.
  • Drop your knees in together and relax and breathe deeply in this position.

8. Half Lord Fishes

Ardha Matsyendrasana or half lord fishes pose is again one of the recommended yoga poses to reduce back pain, it is basically a twisting pose that energizes your spine and helps to relieve backache. 

It also stretches your hips, shoulders, and neck and helps alleviate fatigue, and stimulates your internal organs.

It works on rhomboids, serratus anterior, erector spinae, pectoralis major, psoas

How to do this?

  • Sit on a mat with your back straight and draw your right foot close to your body.
  • Now bring your left foot to the outside of your leg and lengthen your spine as you twist your body to the left.
  • Bring your left hand to the floor behind you for support and move your right upper arm to the outside of your left thigh, or wrap your elbow around your left knee.
  • Make sure you keep your hips square to deepen the twist in your spine and then turn your gaze to look over either shoulder.
  • Hold this pose for up to 1 minute and repeat on the other side.

9. Two Knee Spinal Twist

Supta Matsyendrasana or two-knee spinal twist is the restorative twist that promotes movement and mobility in the spine and back. 

Moreover, it stretches your spine, back, and shoulders, and practicing this help relieve pain and stiffness in your back and hips.

It works on erector spinae, rectus abdominis, trapezius, pectoralis major

How to do this?

  • Firstly, lie on your back on the mat with your knees drawn into your chest and your arms extended to the side.
  • Secondly, lower your legs slowly to the left side while keeping your knees as close together as possible. You may, therefore, place a pillow under both knees or in between your knees.
  • Now keep your neck straight, or turn it to either side and focus on breathing deeply in this position.
  • Hold this pose for at least 30 seconds and repeat on the opposite side.

10. Child’s Pose

Balasana or child’s pose is one of the yoga poses for back pain for beginners and pros also. This is the perfect way to relax and release tension in your neck and back. 

In this, your spine is lengthened and stretched and apart from this it also stretches your hips, thighs, and ankles. 

Moreover, practicing this pose can help relieve stress and fatigue.

It works on the gluteus maximus, rotator cuff muscles, hamstrings, spinal extensors

How to do this?

  • On a mat sit back on your heels with your knees together and you can use a bolster for support.
  • Then bend forward and walk your hands in front of you and let your forehead rest gently on the floor.
  • Now keep your arms extended in front of you or bring your arms alongside your body with your palms facing up, focusing on releasing tension in your back as your upper body falls heavy into your knees.
  • Remain in this pose for up to 5 minutes.

More Yoga Poses To Help With Back Pain Could Be:

So, below is a few more option for yoga asanas that can help relieve your back pain.

  • Standing Forward Bend
  • Pigeon Pose
  • Happy Baby
  • Thread the Needle Pose

A Quick Yogic Recap On Yoga Poses For Back Pain

Fitelo tells you the best 10 yoga poses that help with back pain. You can, however, practice them every day and see the difference yourself.

These aren’t very difficult to perform but you can of course take proper guidance while practicing these poses.

Yoga is, however, a natural way to cure the pain in the back and can cure it permanently.

So, try them and for more, you can connect with Fitelo’s yoga teachers also.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Are The Best Yoga Poses For Back Pain?

You can do the cobra pose, child’s pose, happy baby pose, and the poses mentioned above to relieve the pain.

When Can You Do The Yoga Poses For Back Pain?

You can do these asanas anytime you want to. However, the best could be in the morning.

Are Yoga Poses For Back Pain Safe For People Who Have Undergone Any Back Surgery?

Although these poses are safe, in this case, it is important to consult your doctor first before you do any of these asanas.

For How Much Time You Should Do Yoga Poses For Back Pain?

Every asana has a time limit. Some poses you have to hold for 15 seconds, some 30 seconds, or some 1 minute. So, it depends on which one are you doing and how much capacity you also, have to hold on to a pose or how severe the back pain is.

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