Young Couple Weight Loss Transformation: Inspiring Fat To Fit Journey

Damini Kapoor

Damini Kapoor
Jun 2022

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young couple weight loss transformation

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 A weight-loss journey that has turned into an inspiration.
Let’s read out a young couple weight loss transformation. See how they made it happen together. Different routines, different eating habits, and different diet plans.

young couple weight loss transformation

28 years old, Rohit weighed 72 kgs, and his wife, Manreet, weighed 75 kgs, when they embarked on this life-changing journey together.

The Journey Of Young Couple Weight Loss Transformation

The young couple reached out to us with the Weight Loss Goal and Healthy Lifestyle. We enrolled them in our couple package.

After proper individual counseling, knowing everything about their Lifestyle, Routine, Eating Habits, Likes, and Dislikes, our dietician came up with a plan suitable for them.

Same diet plan?

No, not at all. Their diet plan was totally different.

“Everyone’s body is different. Not all foods are suitable for everyone. And each of them had different routines and medical concerns.”

  • Rohit is a Businessman by profession, so his schedule was somewhat hectic. Sometimes, Business trips were there. Above that, he had kidney stones. So, we had to exclude many things from his diet plan.
  • On another side, Manreet is a homemaker, so she had to take care of everything. We customize her diet as per her likes, dislikes, and body needs.

Result So Far

  • Rohit lost 7kgs with a huge inch loss.
  • Manreet lost 5kgs with dramatic inch loss.

They both were the constant motivator to one another.

Yes, they both were Co-operative, sweet, and understanding all along the journey. In fact, they enjoyed a lot of cheat meals.

Keep going power couple. You look Awesome. 

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