Diet Plan For Constipation: How To Control It [Full Day Meal Plan]

Damini Kapoor

Damini Kapoor
Mar 2022

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diet plan for constipation

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Mom: Please pass two bananas from the fruit dish to me, John.
John: Mom, Sorry. I can’t. (Holding the stomach and running). Take it on your own.
Mom: I need to make banana shake. We will cheer each other up.
John: No, I am not interested. I am already full.
Mom: Full? without eating anything? And why are you running in such a crazy manner?
John: I attempted four times to “go,” but each time I failed.
Mom: Oh, constipation! Then have some yoghurt and an apple, later on, they are part of the best Diet Plan For Constipation. 

Constipation requires good and appropriate dietary selection. We are not saying a banana smoothie is not a good choice, but not the best one in constipation. Like bananas, there are several healthy foods to be avoided until we are back to normal. So, this article “best diet plan for constipation” aims to help you to make appropriate food choices to fight off constipation.

This article covers every aspect of constipation. What exactly is constipation? Causes, symptoms, and how to control it, best diet plan for constipation, what meals can help maintain your regularity? So, Let’s dive into:

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Everything About Constipation And Diet Plan For Constipation

To cure any disease, it is important to know the facts of that. What are the factors causing the problem? what are the signs of the disease, and also how to get rid of that?

So, here we are framing out the symptoms, causes, and prevention of constipation disease. It also includes the best diet plan for constipation patients. Let’s move further.

What Is Constipation?

Diet Plan For Constipation

Firstly, in simple words, if it’s not regular, it’s constipation.

Further, we can define constipation as:

  • When bowel motions become less frequent and stools become harder to pass than normal.
  • Apart from this, Technically, having less than three poops or bowel movements a week.
  • Moreover, bowel movement varies from person to person. Some have a set pattern to go and others go several times a day. Thus, we can say that when you are not finding yourself going along the pattern, then it is constipation.
  • Constipation is caused when waste or stool moves too slowly through the digestive tract. Or when it gets unable to be properly removed from the rectum. Therefore, it may cause the stool to become hard and dry.

What Are The Symptoms Of Constipation?

Furthermore, there are many signs which indicate constipation. These are as follows:

Common And Normal Symptoms Of Constipation

  1. Lumpy, dry, and firm stool.
  2. Uncomfortable to poop.
  3. Stomach pains or cramps too.
  4. Bloating and upset stomach.
  5. Feeling as if you are not completely empty.
  6. If feeling like the rectum is blocked and preventing you from bowel movements.
  7. And, fewer than three bowel movements per week.

Go For Medical Advice If The Following Happens:

  • Firstly, bleeding from the rectum.
  • Persistent abdominal pain.
  • Blood in stool.
  • Pain in the lower back.
  • Gas-trapped feeling.
  • Vomiting and fever too.
  • Unexplained weight loss.
  • And the sudden change in bowel movements.

What Are The Causes Of Constipation?

Many factors can cause constipation. Therefore, for your help, we have listed them. Here are the causes:

Lifestyle And Dietary Choices That Cause Constipation

  • Low-fiber food intake.
  • Insufficient water (dehydration).
  • No physical activity.
  • A lot of milk or cheese.
  • Stress.
  • Also, Resist the temptation to go to the toilet.
  • Traveling, eating, or sleeping at various times also changes the pattern.

Medical Conditions Which Cause Constipation

  • Thyroid
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Diabetes
  • Stroke
  • Parkinson’s disease (neurological movement disorder)
  • Hormonal problems
  • Intestinal function problem
  • Problems with the nerves around the colon and rectum
  • And, Blockage in the colon or rectum

Apart from this, some medications can also cause constipation. Some medicines include strong painkillers, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, anti-depressants, antacids, Iron pills, allergy medications, certain blood pressure medicines, and anti-nausea comes under such category.

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How To Control Constipation/Best diet plan for constipation?

To prevent constipation, utilize home-based strategies to cure it. Therefore, follow these simple tips:

1. Have A Well-Balanced Diet

Diet Plan For Constipation
  • Consume a well-balanced fiber-rich diet.
  • Fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains are good sources of fiber. 
  • Moreover, fiber and water aid stool passage in the colon. 
  • Also, the skins of fruits, such as apples, contain the majority of fiber. 
  • Furthermore, most fiber is found in fruits with edible seeds, such as strawberries. 
  • Consume bran cereal or add it to soup and yogurt. Because bran contains a lot of fiber. 
  • Also, constipation sufferers should consume 18 to 30 grams of fiber per day.

2. Increase Fluid Intake

fluid intake
  • Drink at least eight glasses of water.
  • Until your bowel movement is back to normal, avoid having caffeine-containing beverages, such as coffee and soft drinks.
  • Try to drink plenty of fluids. Adding to this, limit alcohol consumption.
  • Moreover, have warm liquids, especially in the morning.
  • You can also have warm water with lemon in it.

3. Do Exercise And Stay Active

  • Exercise on regular basis.
  • Try to be as physically active as possible.
  • Also, try to manage stress.
  • Because exercise makes intestinal muscles active.

4. Set A Proper Routine

  • Make your proper pattern to poop.
  • Thus, avoid holding onto stools.

Best Diet Plan For Constipation

To relieve constipation permanently, we need to focus on healing its root cause. Thus, instead of taking medications, following a proper, balanced, fiber-rich diet plan for constipation patients is helpful. Even the customised diet plan for weight loss can help you get constipation too.

So, to help you out here is the one-day meal plan. Let’s note it down.

Diet Chart For Constipation Patients

Early Morning Meal

  • Elaichi water


  •  Veg daliya

Mid Morning Snack

  • Coconut water


  •  Wheat roti with veg (less or no oil)

Evening Drink

  • Hot water with 5 soaked almonds

Evening Snack

  • Apple


  • Wheat atta roti with curd

Late Evening Snack

  • Hot milk (1 cup with 1/2 tsp ghee)

11 Foods To Eat If You Have Constipation

Constipation normally goes away on its own without the need for medication. Therefore, changing your lifestyle, and dietary choices, drinking more water and exercising can usually help. So here are the 11 superfoods one should eat during constipation. Hence, try this constipation food chart and be regular.

  1. Daliya
  2. Jowar
  3. Oatmeal
  4. Whole pulses
  5. Yogurt
  6. Fibrous fruits: Apple, Kiwi, Grapes, Pears, Beans, and Papaya
  7. Vegetables: Beans, Peas, Brocolli, and green leafy vegetables
  8. Flaxseeds
  9. Fig
  10. Prunes and Raisins
  11. Sweet Potato

Foods To Avoid On A Constipation Diet

  1. Alcohol
  2. White Bread
  3. Red Meat
  4. Fried or Fast Food
  5. Packaged or preserved food
  6. Eggs
  7. Cupcakes and Muffins
  8. Cookies and cakes
  9. Banana
  10. White Rice
  11. Pasta

What Should A Constipated Person Drink?

Yes, with the best diet plan for constipation, drinks also play a major role in comforting digestion. These below-mentioned drinks can be helpful to get rid of an upset stomach. Here we go:

1. Water

  • Firstly, when it comes to drinking, water is the most preferred drink than any other. Hence, a constipated person should drink more than eight glasses of water. Because proper water intake a day helps you to stay regular. So keep focusing on water.

2. Prune Juice

  • Then, in juices, prune juice is the best option to rely on. Sorbitol in prune juice helps to get relief. Also, it softens the stool and makes it easy to pass out of the rectum.

3. Apple And Pear Juice

  • Furthermore, apple and pear juice can be recommended for children having constipation.

Dietitian For Constipation

The lifestyle we lead and the diet we have, influence our stomach health to a great extent. No doubt, it is difficult to avoid all the unhealthy food and drink in one go, but we can make better choices. And a perfect health coach can help us throughout.

So, here is the best dietitian for constipation patients who provide the best diet plan for constipation.

Dietician Mehakdeep Singh (Dt. Mac Singh) 

The founder of Fitelo, Dietician Mac Singh’s own weight loss journey, is an inspiration for all. The journey was full of difficulties, but he didn’t give up. In spite of the slip disc, Dietitian Mac Singh lost 62 kg with the knowledge he gained from following a sustainable diet. Also, he has changed thousands of lives by suggesting natural foods. So, let’s reach out to the best dietitian who can provide you with the best diet plan for constipation.

Milestones, Fitelo has achieved so far:

  • 100+ dietitians, doctors, and mental coaches.
  • 15000+ Transformations.
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  • 5 lakh+ followers on Social Media.

Why choose Fitelo?

Because Fitelo provides the best diet plan for constipation

  • The multidisciplinary team of doctors, dietitians, and fitness trainers works together to create unique plans for you. 
  • On the whole, all diet plans are natural.
  • Next, no medicines or supplements suggestion.
  • And your diseases and allergies, everything is considered.
  • Furthermore, With Fitelo, you can carry the gym and a dietitian in your pocket. In brief, we customize plans based on your specific needs.

Weight Loss Vs Fat Loss

When you stand up on a weighing scale to measure your weight and the biggest smile comes on your lips when you see the reading less than the last time. You are overjoyed, you want to dance, and you want to eat your favourite dessert for a reward but wait did you lose fat or you just lost weight? Let’s understand more about weight loss vs fat loss.


You know what, your skin glows differently if your stomach is healthy. You feel fresh when you treat it with balanced food. So, one solution for good health is, to feed your stomach with good food.

So, focus on good things and take care of your stomach. Beat the heat of cravings, but mindfully.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Is A Diet Plan For 45 Year Old Male Indian?

Ans: A diet plan for a 45-year-old Indian male may include a variety of nutrient-dense foods such as whole grains, lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats. It may also include moderate portions of dairy products and limited amounts of added sugars, saturated fats, and processed foods. The specific calorie and nutrient needs may vary based on individual factors such as weight, height, activity level, and underlying health conditions.

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This blog post was written to help you make healthier and better food choices altogether. So, be aware and take care. The important thing to consider is your own health before starting a diet that is restrictive. Therefore, always seek advice from a doctor/dietitian before starting if you have any concerns.

Eat Healthy, Live Healthy. Enjoy a long happy life.

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