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Diet plan for fatty liver

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Fatty liver, scientifically known as hepatic steatosis, is a result of fat accumulation on the liver.  Generally, our liver has no fat stored on it, however over a long period of prolonged high cholesterol, blood pressure and triglycerides fat accumulation occurs.  The primary objective of a diet plan for fatty liver is to eliminate the fat accumulated in the abdominal area. It helps reduce the progression of fat in the liver. 

Therefore, it is vital to bring some dietary changes to get rid of fatty liver disease. A fatty liver diet is one of the best ways to treat and improve overall symptoms.

Check out this conversation about fatty liver between 2 individuals and move forward.

Mr. Sharma– Hello Mr. Praveen. I couldn’t help but notice your long face. Is everything okay?
Mr. Praveen– Not really Mr. Sharma. I have been experiencing weakness and nausea and yellow discoloration if my eyes so I consulted a doctor. So, it turns out my liver is damaged.
Mr. Sharma- Oh! Is it? 
Mr. Praveen– Yes. I am a fatty liver patient. And you know the weirdest part? I don’t even drink!

Alright Mr. Praveen hold it there. Fatty liver is not always connected with drinking.

Yes! You heard it right folks.

Many of us are of Mr. Praveen’s school of thought, but every form of liver damage isn’t caused by alcohol.

All the Mr. Sharmas of the world Okay! Tell us more!

So, let us dive right in.

What Is Fatty Liver?

Fatty liver is a result of fat accumulation on the liver. 

Generally, our liver has no fat stored on it, however over a long period of prolonged high cholesterol, blood pressure, and triglycerides, fat accumulation occurs. 

So, let us first understand

Why Protect The Liver?

Well folks that’s because the liver is the body’s largest internal organ, which serves about 500 different functions. genetic. The most important is the metabolism of the food we eat.

Okay, so now

What Exactly Is Fatty Liver? Everything About Fatty Liver Disease

diet plan for fatty liver

Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (also known as “hepatic steatosis”) is a build-up of fat in the liver. There are several reasons why someone might develop a fatty liver. It can be over-consumption of sugar, insulin resistance, obesity and genetics.

One of the main recommendations to get rid of the fat stored in your liver is to lose weight, especially if you are obese. Reducing at least 10% of body weight can increase enzyme production in the liver. And that will eliminate some of the stored fat naturally.

Nutritional Management Of Fatty Liver

Food has the power to improve your symptoms which is why we bring to you the best diet plan for fatty liver.

Dietitian’s plan for fatty liver

  • Morning – Green cardamom water + 5 soaked almonds n 1 soaked walnut
  • Breakfast – Oatmeal (with added chia seeds, berries or fruits of choice)
  • Mid morning – 1 cup coffee or green tea 
    Fruits bowl or salad bowl( can sprinkle 1/2 TSP of flax seeds or sunflower seeds)
  • Lunch – Grilled chicken or fish with cooked veggies (broccoli, carrot, beans etc. can be added) or Any lentil curry with steamed rice or Oats atta roti
  • Evening snack – Apple n papaya bowl or hummus with vegetable sticks
  • Dinner – Mixed bean salad along with 1 cup cooked quinoa or fish or big bowl of seasonal vegetable cooked 
  • Post dinner – Walk for 10 – 15 minutes
    Have 1 cup of lukewarm water

Foods To Eat/ Healthy Diet Plan For Fatty Liver Patient

One of the best things to do if you are experiencing symptoms of fatty liver is to follow a diet plan for fatty liver. Firstly, you have to reduce refined carbs and sugar and replace them with more complex carbs. These complex carbs can be oats, brown rice, quinoa, etc. 

Most doctors will recommend the Mediterranean diet that is low in refined carbs and high in protein. It includes lean meats like fish and low-fat dairy as well.

In addition, you can consume fresh produce like vegetables and fruit. These types of foods will support your liver and help to prevent NAFLD.

1. Coffee

Many studies have shown that caffeine helps in slowing the onset of a number of liver diseases. So, having a cup of coffee a day is Drinking 1 cup of black coffee per day is a great way to support your liver health. 

2. Avocado

Avocados have unsaturated fat which is an excellent alternative to saturated fat products like butter. It is also an excellent plant-based source for omega 3 fatty acids.

That is great but, how does it help liver health?

The omega 3 acids present in avocado help to improve fatty liver and also heal liver damage.

3. Green Tea

diet plan for fatty liver

The antioxidants in green tea can do wonders for your liver. 

Unique antioxidants such as catechins reduce liver fat and hence, the inflammation present in NAFLD patients and also optimize liver enzymes. 

5. Olive Oil

diet plan for fatty liver

It is important to avoid saturated fat if you suspect you have a fatty liver, especially the ones that you would find in red meat or butter.

Therefore, fats like olive oil are unsaturated and are a much better alternative.

Just 2-3 tbsp of olive oil per day is good to go. 

6. Oatmeal

diet plan for fatty liver

Since keeping track of your weight is the main objective of nutritional management of NAFLD patients, fiber rich oatmeal provides great help as it is filling. Also, it is a low-fat breakfast option containing fiber and complex carbohydrates. Thus it’s consumption promotes weight loss in people with NAFLD. 

7. Tofu

diet plan for fatty liver

The soy protein present in tofu can help reduce fat build-up in the liver. Moreover, it is a good source of protein. Hence, it helps to slow down the onset of fatty liver disease.  Another great benefit is, tofu is low in sugar and fat. It is a must if you are following a NAFL-friendly diet. Since it is versatile, you can easily incorporate it into any cuisine.

8. Green Vegetables 

diet plan for fatty liver

Green veggies like broccoli and spinach can reduce the build-up of fat in the liver. Aim to take in copious amounts of broccoli, spinach, methi, mustard and lettuce each day. Filling your diet with lots of greens is also a great way to manage weight.

Moreover, the fibre from green leafy vegetables helps reach early satiety and keeps weight in check. In addition, the  nitrate compounds in green leafy vegetables reduce symptoms and reverse fatty liver disease and the Chlorophyll present in green vegetables is an excellent liver cleanser.  

9. Cruciferous Vegetables

diet plan for fatty liver

Cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage and broccoli also help increase the liver’s ability to detoxify and help in cleansing.

These vegetables have sulphur compounds necessary to produce Glutathione in our body. Glutathione is a significant antioxidant that protects the liver from inflammation. Indole, a compound found in cruciferous vegetables, is also effective in treating fatty liver disease.

10. Nuts and Seeds

diet plan for fatty liver

Nuts and seeds like almonds, walnuts, cashews, flax seeds, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds etc., are rich sources of poly and monounsaturated fatty acids.

This unsaturated fat is often termed “good fat” and is beneficial for the body. In addition, you get omega 3 fatty acids from nuts and seeds. This, in turn, is beneficial to reverse fatty liver disease.

11. Chicken and Egg

As part of the best diet plan for fatty liver, one must consume chicken and eggs, as they are sources of biologically active protein. The bioactive protein is readily absorbed and digested in the body. Since a major cause of fat deposition in the liver is a low protein diet, an adequate amount of protein can help cure fatty liver disease.

Foods To Avoid On A Fatty Liver Diet (Diet Plan For Fatty Liver)

While “fat” gets a bad name for being the biggest culprit in NAFLD, it is not.

Surprisingly it is high in sugar and carbohydrate-containing foods. 

Of course, it is essential to avoid saturated fat for overall health and weight loss. But, reducing carb intake will warrant the most considerable improvement in your fatty liver condition. 

1. Alcohol

One of the most important things to avoid when having NAFLD is alcohol. Not only can alcohol cause fatty liver disease, but it can make an existing condition much worse. 

2. Sugar

You should cut down on any sugar. It even includes naturally derived sugars like fruit juice and honey.

3. Refined carbs

You should avoid having white carbs like white bread and pasta. Instead, you can replace them with whole-grain alternatives like quinoa, whole wheat bread and black bean pasta.

4. Salt

Try to keep your sodium intake to under 1500 milligrams per day. Too much salt can also make you hold onto water weight. 

5. Fried foods

Fried foods like french fries, chips, chicken wings and doughnuts are high in fat and sugar. So these types of foods make your blood sugar rise. And that is a contributing factor to NAFLD.

6. Saturated fat

You should avoid any sort of saturated fat, including red meat and butter. Instead, replace it with healthy fats like olive, avocado and cold-pressed nut oils. 

7. Red meat

Red meat like beef and pork contains high amounts of saturated fats. It is not desirable in the case of fatty liver. Hence, you should avoid it. Red meat also has toxins that can worsen health by causing inflammation when not correctly processed.


Foods possess great power to increase or decrease the severity of any disease and fatty liver is no exception. The major objective in the nutritional management of fatty liver is to improve metabolism and balance since protein metabolism happens in the liver, which can be achieved by a high fiber and moderate to low protein diet. So, a healthy diet plan for weight loss can also help you to get rid of liver issues.

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If you have Fatty Liver Disease, please consult your doctor/physician/dietitian before consuming anything. Fitelo’s best diet plan for Fatty Liver is a generalized diet plan that caters to the needs of people suffering from non alcoholic fatty liver disease as a whole. So, kindly follow the do’s and don’ts seriously.

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