From Thin To Fit: Crafting Your Personalized Diet Plan For Weight Gain

Sanya Singh

Sanya Singh
Aug 2022

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Diet Plan For Weight Gain

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In a world where many diet plans revolve around shedding kilos, there is a significant population who wants to gain weight. Gaining weight can be as difficult as losing weight. This article is all about what you can do to gain weight. Let’s read out the diet plan for weight gain.

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What Is A Healthy Weight Range?

Your healthy weight range is determined by your BMI (Body Mass Index) and to calculate it, divide your body weight by your height in meters square. However, if your BMI is 18.5 or less, this means you are underweight. But if it is between 18.5 and 24.9, this means you are healthy.

Calculate Your BMI, with just one click.

Why You Are Underweight?

Well, being underweight is equally unhealthy as being obese. However, you can be underweight because of the following possible reasons. A few possible and important reasons for being underweight can be as follows.

  • Usually, people with a high metabolism rate remain lean and fail to gain weight.
  • If genetically you have a lean body then it will affect your weight as genes play an important role in your body structure.
  • People having eating disorders like anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa also tend to remain underweight.
  • If you are going through medical conditions like infections, diabetes, cancers, etc. then your weight will be less.
  • Also, mental health plays an important role. Mentally if you are not healthy, which means if you have depression, anxiety, or stress, this also leads to the loss of appetite leading to weight loss.

Complications Of Being Underweight

  • Because you are underweight, you will, however, have a low immune system which will further increase the risk of infections like cold and flu.
  • Being underweight can lead to nutritional deficiencies like calcium deficiency, iron deficiency (anemia), iodine deficiency, and vitamin D deficiency which can further result in chronic diseases.
  • Not only one being ty but being underweight also can lead to fertility issues in women. They can have complications during conceiving, pregnancy, and delivery and can also have miscarriages.

How To Gain Weight?

Well, to gain weight you just have to do the opposite of the reasons you are underweight. Go through the following points to understand better.

  • Eat healthily, and take in protein and healthy carbs.
  • Stop stressing yourself. You can meditate, work out, or listen to music to relax.
  • Do the right set of exercises and this could be done with the guidance of a good trainer.
  • For healthy body weight, good sleep also matters. So try sleeping for enough hours too with a relaxed mind.

Weight Gain Diet Plan

Whether it is a weight gain diet plan for female or a weight gain diet plan for a male it is important to follow the right tips and and follow them. Below is the best diet plan you can follow to gain weight and the amount of protein you should take per day. You will see the difference.

1-Day Meal Plan For Weight Gain

A weight gain diet plan includes various meals. It’s necessary to focus on protein intake if you are on a weight gain journey. One should have the meal, 20gm of protein in breakfast, 10 gm of protein in mid-meal, 25-28 gm of protein in lunch, 4gm of protein before a workout, and 10-15/20 gm protein in dinner. So, here we have framed an example of a diet plan for weight gain.

  • Breakfast

3 whole eggs with any veggies

  • Mid Meal

Makhana Chaat

  • Lunch

Mushrooms/chicken/paneer with roti
With side dishes like mixed or plain curd/salted lassi/jaun sattu/whey (extracted from paneer)

  • Pre Workout Meal

Half mashed potato/half banana in curd

  • Dinner/Post-Workout

Sauteed veggies with the same sabzi as had in lunch.

Important Weight Gain Foods

People should make sure that they know what to add to their diet to gain weight. It is moreover, essential to take proper guidance from their dietitians to get an effective result. Below are, however, the best weight gain foods list.

Important weight gain foods

1. Eggs

Eggs are the healthiest and best option to add to your diet plan for weight gain.

  • An egg has a sufficient amount of nutrients that your body requires. However, Omega-3-enriched eggs that are pastured are even healthier.
  • Moreover, they are high in cholesterol and do not affect cholesterol in the blood for the majority of people.
  • Eating eggs consistently leads to elevated levels of HDL (the “good”) cholesterol, which is linked to a lower risk of many diseases.
  • Consuming eggs is the best dietary source of choline that usually people lack.
  • Eggs also lower heart disease by changing the pattern of LDL particles from small, dense LDL (bad) to large LDL.

2. Rice

Rice is a great source of carbs that are easy to consume and digest. You can, however, consume them as weight gain Indian food.

  • Rice stabilizes the levels of blood sugar as it contains starch and is comparatively high on the glycemic index.
  • For people who have celiac disease or are allergic to gluten, rice is best to consume as it is a hypoallergenic food.
  • Rice, however, reduces the risk of heart disease and heart strokes.
  • Moreover, rice provides a lot of energy to the body as it is rich in carbs.
  • Rice is easy to add to the diet and also easy to digest.

3. Chicken

Chicken is a must in your gaining diet plan, as it is rich in protein and has many other benefits also.

  • Chicken being rich in protein helps gain weight or kilos. It is also packed with nutrients that are essential for the body.
  • However, chicken is high in protein and less fat, helping people build muscles.
  • Also, it is rich in minerals like calcium and phosphorus that further help keep the bones healthy and in mint condition.
  • Chicken also contains selenium which helps cut the risk factors of arthritis.
  • It boosts immunity and helps relieve cold, flu, and other respiratory infections.

4. Potatoes

You can always gain weight without overeating. All you need to do is eat right and healthy like potatoes. Below are the benefits of them, that will assure you that these can help you get the shape you want.

  • Potatoes have healthy starch and important nutrients and fiber that further boost your calorie intake, and increase muscle glycogen stores.
  • They are a good source of antioxidants that help reduce the risk of chronic diseases and certain types of cancer.
  • Being rich in resistant starch helps reduce insulin resistance and also improves blood sugar control.
  • Also, potatoes are beneficial for gut bacteria and convert them to short-chain fatty acid butyrate that reduces inflammation in the colon.
  • For people who suffer from celiac disease or a non-celiac gluten sensitivity, potatoes are a good option.

5. Chiku

Chiku is also known as sapodilla and is the best option to add to a diet plan for weight gain vegetarian.

  • Chiku being rich in fiber helps in better digestion and works as an excellent laxative providing relief from constipation and lowering infections of the gut.
  • Chiku is rich in calcium, phosphorus, iron, and copper which helps strengthen the bone.
  • It provides your body with total energy as they are rich in fructose and sucrose.
  • Moreover, it helps the skin keep healthy as they are a good source of vitamins A, C, K, and E.
  • Also, they are rich in antioxidants that prevent you from various types of cancer.

6. Bananas

Bananas are the best fruit to have post-workout. Also, it helps your body in several other ways as well.

  • Bananas are rich in several nutrients and contain a fair amount of fiber.
  • They also help in the better digestion of a person due to the presence of dietary fiber.
  • Moreover, they are rich in potassium which further supports heart health.
  • Bananas contain flavanoids and amines that reduce the risk of heart diseases and degenerative illnesses.
  • After a workout, you sweat and tend to lose potassium and magnesium. So, a banana is best to have after a workout to resupply the same to your body.

7. Paneer

Paneer contains a fair amount of fat and proteins. However, adding it to your diet and eating according to the quantity recommended by your dietitian will surely make you gain weight.

  • Paneer is rich in Calcium and vitamin D making the bones and teeth stronger and healthier.
  • It contains magnesium and phosphorus which are essential for the easy functioning of the digestive system.
  • Also, it builds a stronger immune system due to the presence of antioxidants in paneer.
  • Moreover, it prevents breast cancer as it is rich in vitamin D.
  • The presence of omega 3, helps improve memory and concentration in kids.

Avoid These Foods To Gain Weight

If you want to gain weight in a healthy way then say NO to the following foods-

  • Fried food
  • Refined carbs
  • Sugar rich food
  • Carbonated drinks
  • Candies

Effective results are acquired when you put in the effort. However, gaining kilos can be easy and quick, but surely will be unhealthy. This means if you consume sugary foods, even diet coke or junk foods you can gain weight but this will affect your health as well. So, Dietitian Mac has an amazing fact to share about the so-called healthy diet Coke. Let us watch it!

On the other hand, if you gain weight with a proper diet plan and follow the tips told by your dietitians then gaining you will also provide your body with other health benefits.
However, staying healthy is not valued till the sickness comes. So, why fall sick or ill when you have a healthier option to choose?


  • Some vegetables are commonly used in the diet plan for weight loss and weight gain. But the time and quantity of consuming them make a difference.
  • Whether, a weight loss or a weight gain, in both situations it is important to tell your dietitians if you are allergic to any of the foods.
  • To maintain weight after gaining it is important to intake 0.8g per/kg protein per kilogram of body weight.

Bottom Line

So, the best way to gain weight is by following a proper diet recommended by your dietitian. You can, however, gain weight by eating unhealthy foods like diet coke, samosas, burgers, and many more. But this type of weight gain is unhealthy as you are affecting your overall health also. Well, Fitelo, has the right type of plan that will help you gain kilos and will also benefit your body in many ways. The above foods are amongst the best foods that you can include in the 2500 calorie diet plan for weight gain. For further, assistance you can contact Fitelo and get the best dietitians to work for you.

Fun Fact

You are eating eggs but are you excluding the egg yolk just with the thought that they are not good for your health? Here is a fact: egg yolk is way healthier than egg white. Click here to find out the reasons for egg yolk being more healthier.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Eat Roti and Rice In Weight Gain Process?

Well, yes! Add a mixture of grains to your diet, as it will help you gain weight fast.

Is There Any Fast Way Or Diet Plan To Gain Weight?

Well, there is no shortcut to gaining weight fast. If there is then it will affect your body as it will be unhealthy for you. so, the best way to gain weight is to follow a proper diet chart from a good dietitian.

Can You Include Bananas And Milk In Diet Plan For Weight Gain?

Yes, you can consume both food items but in moderation and under the guidance of your dietitian as they will help you gain weight rapidly.

Which Is The Food That You Should Not Include In Diet Plan For Weight Gain?

If you are on a weight gain plan, then make sure not to consume unhealthy carbs, sugary foods or drinks, or anything fried.

Is Indian Diet Plan For Weight Gain Effective?

Yes, an Indian diet plan for weight gain can be effective when followed properly and combined with appropriate exercise. The diet should include calorie-dense foods such as nuts, dried fruits, whole grains, and healthy fats, and should be accompanied by strength-training exercises to build muscle mass.

Which Diet Plan Is Best For Weight Gain?

The best diet plan to gain weight is in which there is taking in enough protein that too under the guidance of your dietitian.

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This blog post was written to help you make healthy and better food choices altogether. So, be aware and take care. The important thing to consider is your health before starting a restrictive diet. Therefore, always seek advice from a doctor/dietitian before starting if you have any concerns.

Eat Healthy, Live Healthy. Enjoy a long happy life.

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