Diet Plan For Weight Loss: Tips And Full Day Meal Plan [2022]

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diet plan for weight loss

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Let’s Admit it! We all have been in that face wherein we have tried to lose weight by following certain diet plans for weight loss or seeing celebrity diets. From Sara Ali Khan’s weight loss journey to Bharti’s intermittent fasting weight loss journey, we all have been eye-witnesses to their transformations and wished the same for ourselves. Being overweight is a major issue faced by many people. From keto diet plan, calorie deficit diet to intermittent fasting we all have tried to find the best diet for weight loss. But let’s figure out why a weight loss diet plan is so important to reduce those extra kilos.

What is Being Overweight or Obese?

Overweight and Obese is a common health condition caused due to increase in the size and amount of fat cells in the human body. Being overweight and obese can cause major health issues such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke, etc. According to WHO in 2016, over 650 million adults above the age of 18 were obese across the globe. There has been a worldwide increase from 1975 to 2016 in obese and overweight percentage.

How To Know If You Are Overweight?

To know if you are overweight you need to check your BMI. Body Mass Index is used to find out the obesity and overweight in people. It is a simple index stating your body fat percentage depends on your weight and height. Below is the BMI index to know if you are obese or overweight.

calculate your BMI
Underweight18.5 and less
Normal18.5 to 25
Overweight25 to 30
Obesity30 and above

Factors Responsible For Weight Gain

There are many factors responsible for weight gain. Let’s have a look:

1. Metabolism

  • “What we eat, our body converts it into energy through different chemical processes. So, metabolism or metabolic rate is at which your body expends energy or burns calories. 
  • There are two types of metabolism process-Catabolism and Anabolism. 
  • While catabolism is responsible for realizing energy, anabolism is the process through which the body stores energy.
  • If your metabolism is fast you will burn calories faster during any activity thus aiding in weight loss.

2. Lifestyle 

  • Lifestyle is all that matters and affects your weight majorly. Hence having a nutrients-based diet is important for weight loss.
  • Moreover, making a few lifestyle changes like everyday physical activity, a balanced diet, and sleeping on time can help in weight loss.

3. Stress

  • Stress not only affects you mentally but physically as well. It directly affects your mind and body.
  • Stress can even lead to unhealthy food cravings, disturbed sleep, decrease in physical activity therefore stress is of the factors responsible for weight gain.

4. Sleeping Pattern

  • According to the researcher, less sleep is responsible for higher body mass index and weight gain. Therefore, adequate sleep of 6-8 hours is important.
  • Less Sleep can also lead to loss of energy and can hinder your day-to-day physical activities. Disturbed Sleep or Insomnia also increases your stress level.
  • While less sleep affects your health, oversleeping also decreases your metabolism because while sleeping the body’s metabolism decreases by 15%.

5. Hormonal Imbalance

  • Hormonal Imbalance in women is a major reason for weight gain, it can be PCOD or PCOS.
  • However, It is a serious medical condition that can be cured through proper treatment.
  • There are diet plans for weight loss for women specifically to cure hormonal imbalance which women should consider taking.

6. Eating Habits

  • The biggest reason for weight gain is food habits, what matters the most is what we put inside our bodies. Eating junk and high-calorie food eventually leads to unnecessary weight gain.
  • Unhealthy eating increases your body fat and causes health issues such as PCOD, stroke, diabetes, etc.

Why Do You Need a Weight Loss Diet?

  • The major reason for being overweight in people is eating habits and not a proper diet, therefore a healthy diet plan for weight loss is important. 
  • Unhealthy lifestyle patterns such as eating high-calorie food, not adding nutrients to your diet, and less physical activity are the major reasons for being overweight. 
  • Hence having a proper diet chart for weight loss is very important. Moreover, it is a serious medical condition that requires professional guidance therefore it is important to consult a dietitian, to get a perfect diet plan as a normal diet plan might not work for someone with a health condition.
  • A diet plan varies from person to person and it has to be customized and well planned in order to lose weight.

What is a Diet Plan For Weight Loss?

  • A Diet Plan is a specific type of diet chart for weight loss or weight management that consists of all the nutrients such as vitamins, dietary fibers, protein, and carbs, that our body requires to stay healthy and fit and it even provides energy to the body for daily chores. 
  • A healthy diet plan helps in weight loss and prevents major diseases like heart disease, diabetes, blood pressure, etc. Diet is equally important, it’s 70% of what you put inside your body and 30% of your physical attributes.

Health Benefits of a Diet Plan

  • Boosts Immunity
  • Builds Muscle
  • Strengthens Bones
  • Increases Life Expectancy
  • Improves Overall Health
  • Increase Energy Level
  • Improves Mental Health

Best Diet Plan For Weight Loss

From the keto diet to intermittent fasting there are tons of weight loss diet plans across the internet, however, the most important part of any diet plan for weight loss is meal planning. Therefore below is a 7-day meal plan for weight loss by Fitelo for you to start your weight loss journey with a simple meal plan. This is an Indian diet meal plan for weight loss so that it is easily accessible by anyone and doesn’t have to spend or do extra in order to follow a weight loss diet.

Meal Planning For Weight Loss 

Although you will find numerous weight loss diets, the most important step in the weight loss journey is meal planning. It will save your time and meal planning also helps in portion control. Below is a diet chart for weight loss that you can follow every day. This is a perfect diet plan for females for weight loss as well as for males.

diet plan for weight loss

Note: The diet plan may vary if you are on a customized diet plan given by your dietitian based on your health issues or goal.

Do’s and Don’t Of Diet Plan For Weight Loss

Below are a few points you must keep in mind during weight loss.

diet plan for weight loss
Add some healthy color to your diet, in the form of veggies as they are loaded with nutrients and health benefits.Ignoring the hidden sources of carbs, sugar, and sodium. For instance, if you make poha at home do not add namkeen or something fried.
Make sure to add protein to your diet so that you don’t feel hungry more often and therefore you will save yourself from overeating.Over-snacking and under-eating is another roadblock in your weight loss journey. Forcing your body to starve alarms it preserves food, and you end up storing whatever little you ate as stored fat, making way for even bigger hunger pangs.
It’s very important to follow a certain diet plan and have healthy lifestyle changes. One must consult a dietitian before following any particular diet as a  diet plan differs from person to person depending upon their health and body issues.Relying on Detox diets may be the worst way to lose weight. Not only are you constantly drained, but you’ll lose muscle mass too. What’s more? All the lost weight will bounce back when your body comes to normal eating mode.

Food To Avoid During Weight Loss

Here are a few foods you need to avoid during your weight loss journey.

diet plan for weight loss
  • Butter, Mayonnaise, and Vegetable Oil.
  • Chips, Junk Food(outside pizza, burger, fries, etc)
  • Sugar items such as ( cakes, pastries, mithai, etc)
  • Deep fried food, aerated drinks, packed juices, processed food
  • Alcohol, and ready-to-eat food.

Best Food For Weight Loss

Here are a few foods for weight loss that will make your fat loss journey easy.

  • Best fruits enriched with vitamins such as (plum, pear, Jamun, and papaya)
  • Vegetables filled with dietary fibers such as (zucchini, okra/bhindi, and sweet potato)
  • Dry fruits (almonds, cashews, and dates)
  • Iron-rich food (bean, lentils, oatmeal, and eggs)

Weight Loss Tips

Here are a few weight loss tips that you can add to your diet plan for weight loss.

  • Add protein-rich food items to every meal. Moreover, protein will keep you full for a long time.
  • Drink a glass of water 20 minutes before you have your meal.
  • Limit consumption of liquid calories i.e. juices etc. They are plain sugar and have no fiber.
  • Cheat days are fine but do not overindulge in anything.
  • Besides, try to have an early dinner as your meals and sleeping pattern directly affects your weight loss journey.
  • In addition to diet try doing any form of physical activity like walking, or running to keep your body a little active.
  • Chew your food slowly and mindfully. Enjoy every bite you take, moreover this will help in proper digestion of food.
  • While traveling make sure to carry healthy snacks like fruits, and nuts, instead of cold drinks and chips, also keep yourself hydrated.
  • In addition, carry tea bags along with you and try to order healthy or low-calorie food at the restaurant.

Weight Loss Mistake

Giving your best, but weight loss process is too slow? Let’s find out where you are going wrong. Watch this and get to know.

Fun Fact

People often fail to understand how metabolism works and how it is responsible for weight gain and weight loss. Therefore here is a simple way to understand metabolism. Read More


Weight Loss is been a major issue for many people and losing weight is not easy moreover it’s mentally and physically challenging. You need proper guidance from professionals to help you overcome this. Therefore, if you are facing the same challenges, seek a dietitian, find the best diet plan for weight loss and achieve your goal. We at fitelo offer a customized diet plan for every individual depending on their health problems or body issues.

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This blog post was written to help you to make healthy and better food choices altogether. So, be aware and take care. The important thing to consider is your own health before starting a diet that is restrictive. Therefore, always seek advice from a doctor/dietitian before starting if you have any concerns.
Eat Healthy, Live Healthy. Enjoy a long happy life.

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