We create customized diet plans based on your lifestyle, likes and dislikes, your body type and weight loss needs, medical conditions (if any) etc. Our dietitians talk to our clients and prepare diet plans for them. We don’t use or recommend any supplements or medicines in our diets. Our diets are completely natural.

We focus on modifying the lifestyle of an individual and creating long term habits so that once the weight is shredded, it doesn’t come back. All of this is backed by the study done by our dietitians and years of practice. This process of talking to the clients, explaining them how their body is reacting to different foods, what foods are good for them etc. happens throughout the duration of the plan.

Yes ! They have done bachelors/masters in nutrition and dietetics and have ample experience with big hospitals and diet clinics. 

To work with us, you don’t need to visit anywhere. We have our own app – Fitelo.

If you join us, you will have our direct phone number. You will discuss everything on phone.

All your details including diets plans will be updated on your app. You will also get meal notification reminders. In case of any doubts, you can call/whatsapp us directly.

Our diets are natural, there are no medicines or powders. It will be made according to your routine and lifestyle. For example, if you have a hectic lifestyle, your diet plan will have easy to cook options.

Exercise has 20% role in weight loss, 80% is diet. We focus on diet. At max we might ask you to do a 20 minute walk every day. 

We don’t work on calories. Our diet plans will include what to eat and when but we will not restrict meal size.

We are reachable at 9402850007. You can share your contact number in case you would like us to contact you. 

There are multiple options to pay – paytm, google pay, internet banking, credit and debit cards, direct deposit to our bank account etc.

To start – you have to download our app Fitelo and purchase a plan from there (If you go to the My Diet Section – it will prompt you to purchase a plan first). Once you do that, our dietitian will get in touch with you, discuss everything and then create a customized plan for you. Let us know if we can call you and answer if you have any specific queries. 

Here are the app links:
Download Android:  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fitelo.android
Download iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/fitelo/id1323938554?mt=8
You can also go to Playstore/Appstore and search for Fitelo