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What is the Fitelo Warranty? 

Fitelo Warranty is a promise. We promise that once you lose weight with Fitelo, we will help you stay fit forever. 

Once you have achieved your goals or completed the program, we will not say goodbye. We will keep a track of your weight and habits. Even when you leave the program, we will keep a track of your weight and habits. If we see you deviating from your new routine, we will help you get back on track. If your weight increases, we will provide you with free consultations and diet plans.

Why does it matter? 

One of the biggest problems related to obesity is bounce-back. Every now and then, you get motivated to get back in shape. You join the gym or take a diet plan or both. You do it wholeheartedly and get some results. There is an expert guiding you and motivating you. 

Eventually, the motivation dies down and you start returning to your old habits. There is no supervision or motivation. You become lazy. Slowly, your weight starts increasing again till one day you realized you have gained significant weight. You wait for the next motivation to kick in. It is an endless cycle. Every obese person wants to get out of it but doesn’t know how. 

We want to catch you early. We don’t want you to lose track.

Why is Fitelo positioned to be the best app to help you?

With roots in physiology, psychology, and technology, Fitelo focuses on habit formation and lifestyle correction. 

This warranty is an extension of what we do. If you lose weight with Fitelo, we will ensure you never gain it back. We will nudge you to build healthy habits. We believe 5 years is a good time to create healthy habits. 

Both of our founders have been through this journey. Being obese for most of their lives, they have tried every solution that is out there. Nothing gave permanent results. That is when they decided to start Fitelo with a mission to provide long-term sustainable help to clients. 

Fitelo has not just helped thousands of people lose weight for once, we are helping them to maintain it for good. With the Fitelo warranty, we are making it official. 

What it is not?

We are not guaranteeing that you will lose all the extra weight. We are not promising that it will not rebound. Everybody is different and so are its results. Results vary from client to client. Let’s be honest about it. 

What we are promising is – we will help you identify why your weight bounced back. We will not let you ignore it. We will monitor your weight. As soon as it starts increasing, we will intervene and help you get back on track. 

How will it work?

Even when your plan with Fitelo ends, you just have to keep punching your weight in the app every one or two weeks. We will not ask you to log in your meals or calories or anything. You just have to punch your weight. We will take care of the rest. 

Can you share specific details about the warranty? 

  • It is applicable on 9M and 12M WM plans and 6M, 9M, and 12M DM plans. 
  • When you leave the program, you will have to just log in your weight every week.
  • If we see your weight has increased by more than 2.5 Kg, you can avail the warranty. You can just reach out to us and share your package details with us.
  • It is a 45 Day Diet plan with Fitelo’s expert dietitians. If you avail the warranty a dietitian will be aligned with you. They will counsel you, understand why you gained weight, and plan your weekly diet just like we do in our programs. 
  • You can avail these 45 days either at once or in 3 batches of 15 days each. We think losing this excess weight in 15 days is a good expectation. So, you can avail this service 3 times in 5 years.
  • In case you decide to buy another package from us in the 5 years, you get a flat 20% discount whether you buy a diet plan, yoga plan, mind coach sessions or anything on the platform. 
  • All of this comes at no additional cost to you.

Why 2.5 Kg?

Losing 1-1.5 kg overnight can happen easily. You went to a wedding and had a lot of outside food. The next morning, you could be bloated and carry a lot of water weight which will increase your weight by 1-1.5 kg. Don’t worry. This will be just temporary. It will eventually correct. But as soon as it increases by 2.5 Kgs, it means something has changed in your lifestyle and needs attention. 

Why is it unique? 

No one is working on the problem of bounce-back. You get attention when you are in the program. As soon as you leave the program, no one is looking at you. We are going to change this. We will be your partners till the time you learn how to stay fit yourself.

Can weight loss be permanent or will it always bounce back?

The only way to lose weight is to build healthy habits. At Fitelo, this is the approach we take. 5 years is a good time to do this. For example, if you just build the habit of logging your weight every week, you will not wait for it to increase by 5 Kgs before taking any action. As soon as you see an increase of 1 Kg, you will immediately start taking action. In the 5 years with Fitelo, we will make you capable enough to develop these habits and be your own coach. 

9 Thoughts on Fitelo 5-Year Warranty | Lose Weight & Never Gain Back
    Shaikh Shahiba
    10 Dec 2022

    Really loving this option ❣️ and will surely use this in future.Thank you Mac sir 😊

      12 Dec 2022


        16 Dec 2022

        also availaible on every plan, whether its 3 months or 6 months

          21 Dec 2022

          It starts from 6 Months or above!

    Amarpreet kaur
    16 Dec 2022

    Really !! thankyou so much sir 🙏🏻

      21 Dec 2022


    Ramandeep Kaur
    16 Dec 2022

    Quite nice commitment towards the client. It’s a very good initiative 👏.

      21 Dec 2022

      Thank You!

    Neha Snehi
    11 Feb 2023

    I feel very good joining Fitelo.My dream has come true after Joining Fitelo. I have lost 4 kg weight and 5 inches within one month.

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