Is sweet corn good for weight loss?

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Is sweet corn good for weight loss?

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As lockdown restrictions are gradually easing out, people have started flooding the markets and malls, and snacking as we all know, is a much-awaited part of every outing. Is sweet corn good for weight loss? Let’s find out.

In an attempt to go ‘healthier’ people are now ditching going to the fast-food giants and getting attracted towards the good old ‘sweet corn’ or fried corn (another sweet corn recipe). You must have noticed every other person gushing over the butter-filled masala-laden cup of sweet corn, which often gets camouflaged under the terms- ‘boiled’ and ‘lightly spiced’. Truth be told, we all have been sweetcorn lovers at some other points.

Here is exactly where we are going wrong.

Let’s find out why we are so ardently demoting corn as a weight-loss snack

Is sweet corn good for Diabetics in weight loss?

It contains carbohydrates in the highest proportion, just 100 grams of it, after boiling corn constitutes a whopping 21 grams of the total carbohydrates! We know that carbs provide energy by breaking down into glucose, but an excess of these can lead to a spike in our blood sugar levels, so one should be careful while consuming sweet corn, especially if they have fluctuating blood sugar levels.

Starch Is The Main Culprit

Is sweet corn good for weight loss

You gain weight-
Now that we know corn contains carbs, the major type of carbohydrate present is starch. Thus, this is what makes you gain weight. So, if you are on a weight-loss diet BEWARE because sweet corn and weight loss don’t seem to be the best of friends.

You feel lethargic-
Corn’s high starch (carb) content induces tiredness and lethargy, which leads to reduced physical activity and, as a result, weight gain.

Invites Digestive Issues

Too much of everything is bad and corn has a special case under this category. Excessive corn intake can lead to problems like- diarrhea, upset stomach, and intestinal irritation.

Bloating And Gas Are Common Side Effects

Is sweet corn good for weight loss

In case you suffer from bloating and flatulence, corn is not for you. When you consume corn either by boiling corn or as fried corn, it breaks down in the body. And a huge amount of gas is released because it contains a lot of insoluble fiber. Also, some of the fiber passes undigested through the large intestine causing bloating and gas issues. So, many dietitians avoid adding sweet corn to diet plan for weight loss.

Osteoporosis: Another Side Effect Of Corn

Is sweet corn good for weight loss

Relying only on the corn-based diet will do more harm than good, especially for women aged more than 30. Why is this? Because after 30 years of age a person’s bone density begins to decline, so it is important to incorporate good calcium sources into our diet. Boiled sweet corn contains negligible levels of calcium, so including calcium-rich sources like ragi and oats, instead of corn will be beneficial.

People also seem to believe that any food in boiled form becomes healthier automatically. So, cueing the example of boiled potato, some boiled vegetables, but it’s not the case with boiling corn.

Can I have corn some other way instead?

Yes, you definitely can! Our motive is to make you understand that sweetcorn or fried corn is not suitable for you if you’re on a weight-loss diet, but consuming it in any other form works just right. Corn as bhutta or chhalli, or even in the form of popcorn, but without caramel. These options are much better and safer in contrast to the masala corns or sweet corns available in the market. And if you are a corn-lover, there are easy-to-make home-based healthy recipes from our kitchen available too that can be considered.


So, to ensure that you lose weight in a healthy way and maintain it throughout, it’s important to know the difference between a weight loss and a weight-gain snack. You can read more blogs on our website where we have busted other common myths and mentioned weight-loss foods that actually work.

Now if someone asks you is sweetcorn good for weight loss, you have the answer.

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Make sure you consume sweet corn under the guidance of your dietitian/ doctor.

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