Our Team

At Fitelo, we believe that having a healthy lifestyle is easy. You eat right, cheat a little and stay a little active. We are helping people across the globe in getting into this lifestyle while they continue to achieve their dreams.

Mac, Co-founder & COO

Sahil Bansal, Fitelo

Sahil, Co-founder & CEO

Japleen, Head - Social Media

Hitesh, Head - Sales

Priyanka, Head - Inside Sales

Pratibha, Head - Operations

Ajaypal, Head - Product

Heena, Head - Training

Nandini Sharma

Nandini, Head - Operations

Gaurav Saini

Gaurav, Head - Technology


Who is
Dietitian Mac?

Hey there,

You must be wondering who is this guy, or you won’t be reading this.

I surely look fit now, but at one point in my life I was fat and struggling to lose weight. I was not just overweight but actually obese and sick. I was 100kg+ at the age of 15, and a butt of all jokes. At 19, I hit 120kg, which was a wake-up call.

Picture of Dietician Mac: Diet Consultant and Co-Founder at Fitelo.