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Weight Management

Losing weight goes beyond just changing your diet. It also depends about how you live, sleep and think. Our multidisciplinary team of dieticians, fitness trainers and coaches work in tandem to understand the root cause of your weight gain and help you create long-lasting changes in your nutrition, lifestyle that help make good health permanent

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Our offerings under Weight Management

Weight Loss

Fun. Flexible. Natural.

We use the latest in behavioral sciences to fix your eating habits, and personalize your meal plan to include 500+ foods that make your weight loss journey fun and sustainable. Get in touch with our team of experts now to start customizing the right meal plan for you

No rebound weight gain

No dietary supplements

Lots of cheat meals

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Your Body Mass Index plays a crucial role in determining your physical health and nutritional requirements. Use our BMI calculator to get your current score

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Disease Management

Fitelo works with you to alleviate weight-related symptoms of medical conditions such as PCOD/PCOS, Diabetes and Thyroid through simple but effective changes in your nutrition, eating habits and lifestyle

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Our offerings inside disease management

Health Plans


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Thyroid disorders


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Get an effective solution for PCOS

Every PCOS journey is different. Our experts use a 4-point approach to create an effective transformation plan that is personalized to your unique PCOS journey and ensures long-term wellness

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Get your blood sugar and weight under control

Manage your blood sugar and insulin levels effectively through our highly-rated Diabetes transformation plans

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Alleviate symptoms of Thyroid disorders

Understand how you can facilitate normal functioning of your thyroid gland through small yet significant dietary and lifestyle changes

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