What Can You Eat In A 1500 Calorie Diet Plan To Lose Weight Fast?

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1500 calorie diet plan

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1-week ke baad Sharmila Aunty ki daughter is getting married, apna bhi sochlo thora ab, sabki shadiyan ho rahi hai – does this dialogue sound familiar to you?🤔
Do your parents get after you, also, to get settled whenever an invitation to some wedding comes? While, what comes into my mind after receiving a wedding invite is, kya pehnu main? Thora, aur patli hojati hun! Kyu na 1500 calorie diet plan lelu so that I can lose weight quickly.
Well, surely, a lot of unmarried girls think this way and truly, there is nothing wrong with this, as it is important to be health conscious, especially when you are a foodie.
But what is this 1500-calorie diet plan and how does it really work? So, it is a miracle and of great help, especially, when there is some function on your head and you have to fit into your favorite pair of clothes. Continue reading…

What Is A 1500 Calorie Diet Plan?

So, this diet is basically, a low-calorie diet and as the name suggests, it has only 1500 calories that you have to consume in a day. This is, however, suitable for those who want to lose substantial amounts of weight too quickly. However, this diet contains foods that are low in calories but will be rich in fiber and nutrients essential for the body, so that you feel full for a longer period of time. Also, to bring to your knowledge, there are many types of diet plans in which there are different amounts of calories that are to be taken and can also, differ with purpose, like a 3000 calorie diet plan for weight gain and muscle building.

Few Facts Before You Go Through 1500 Calorie Diet Plan

Doing a diet is not bad when it comes to your health or maintaining weight or losing weight. But there are some facts that you all should be aware of before go follow this plan.

  • So, the below-1500-calorie diet plan is a standard diet plan and can be followed by men and women, both.
  • To stay healthy an average man should however aim at 2500 calories per day.
  • While a woman should aim at a total of 2000 calories per day for a healthy lifestyle.
  • The low-calorie diets like these are, however, suitable for those who have a BMI of 30 or 40, are obese, and need to quickly lose weight.
  • Also, it is important to do such diets after taking a proper guide and recommendations from dietitians.
  • Moreover, if you have any medical history, you should clarify with your nutritionists and doctors before following such weight loss diet plans.

How To Follow 1500 Calorie Diet Plan For Weight Loss?

To follow this 1500 calorie diet, you have to intake low-calorie foods, low-fat foods, and high-protein foods so that you feel full and do not feel hungry. This diet, the plan has certain pros and cons that are discussed below, and because you have to slash down the calories it is important you do this under the guidance of a good dietitian. So, below is the 1500 calorie diet plan to lose weight fast.

Moving further with men/women’s1500 calorie diet plans,

Meal 1jeera water, 5 almonds, 2 walnuts (soaked)
Meal 2chickpea and kidney beans salad
Meal 3any fruit (except mango, banana, chiku, grapes, and dates)
Meal 41 bowl chickpea gravy + 1 bowl rice
Meal 5plain lemon water (no sugar, no salt)
Meal 61.5 tsp seeds mixture
Meal 7vegetable lentil soup with 1 slice of bread
Meal 8chamomile tea

Low Calorie Fruits For Your Knowledge

So, these fruits you can add to your diet if you are in the mood to do a low-calorie diet.

1. Strawberries

Strawberries produce two important hormones – adiponectin and leptin, which further, burn fat and enhance metabolism. 

Calories per Cup
Calories per 100 g
53 kcal32 kcal

2. Peaches

Peaches are, however, a good option to add to your diet plan for weight loss as they are low GI, Stone fruits are low in GI and calories, and also, rich in nutrients like vitamins C and A.

Calories per Cup
Calories per 100 g

3. Cantaloupe

This fruit is, however, high in fiber and water content, which further, makes you feel full and helps in losing weight.

Calories per Cup
Calories per 100 g

4. Black Berries

Blackberries contain polyphenols which are chemical compounds that help prevent the formation of fat and, moreover, aids in weight loss.

Calories per Cup
Calories per 100 g

5. Papaya

However, the high satiety feature of papaya keeps you full for a longer period of time, helping you avoid unhealthy munching. Moreover, being rich in protein, you can also, add to a high protein diet for weight loss.

Calories per Cup
Calories per 100 g

You can, however, consume a papaya smoothie instead of eating it raw, as it is tasty and will make you feel full.

6. Raspberries

These berries help burn extra visceral fat, aiding in weight loss and, also, being high in fiber, adding to the diet makes it a good option.

Calories per CupCalories per 100 g

7. Apples

So, apples being rich in fiber keeps you full and results in weight loss. However, adding this fruit to any plan, like 7 days diet plan is a good option.

Calories per CupCalories per 100 g
65 kcal52 kcal

8. Honeydew Melon

Honeydew melon is an excellent fruit to control weight, as it is high in fiber and also, has a high water content.

Calories per CupCalories per 100 g
61 kcal36 kcal

Vegetables Low In Calories

You can also, add the below vegetables to your diet if you want a diet low in calories.

1. Lettuce

Yes, consuming lettuce, thus, promotes weight loss because it is low in calories, and high in fiber and water content.

Calories per CupCalories per 100 g
5 kcal15 kcal

2. Cucumber

Cucumbers are, however, low in calories and fat, and consuming them thus leads to weight loss also.

Calories per CupCalories per 100 g
16 kcal15 kcal

Moreover, consuming cucumber water is a perfect drink to add to your detox diet plan.

3. Celery

So, celery provides your body, with dietary fiber and boosts digestion, helping you lose weight and extra fat

Calories per CupCalories per 100 g
14 kcal14 kcal

4. Mushrooms

Mushrooms are rich in vitamin D, which is further, helpful in weight loss. However, to know how, watch the below video by Dietitian Mac.

Calories per CupCalories per 100 g
28 kcal26 kcal

5. Spinach

Spinach has high amounts of fiber which, however, helps in good digestion, regulates low blood sugar, and prevents constipation.

Calories per CupCalories per 100 g

6. Green Beans

For a healthy lifestyle, it is important to start eating healthy and for that, it is important to add green vegetables to your diet like green beans as they are rich in nutrients, and fiber and low in calories, also aiding in weight loss.

Calories per CupCalories per 100 g
44 kcal35 kcal

7. Pumpkin

Being a good source of fiber, pumpkin helps curb your appetite. It is also, low in calories.

Calories per CupCalories per 100 g
49 kcal20 kcal

8. Broccoli

Broccoli contains carotenoids which is a plant compound, and further, help burn extra fat.

Calories per CupCalories per 100 g
55 kcal35 kcal

List Of Foods To Avoid While Following A Low calorie Diet Plan

To follow a diet low in calories, along with which foods to add, you should also, be aware of the ones that shouldn’t be included. So, here is making it easy for you, by telling you some certain foods that you should avoid.

  • French fries/potatoes
  • Sugary drinks
  • White bread
  • Candy bars
  • Artificial fruit juices
  • Pastries, cookies, cakes
  • Alcohol
  • Pizza
  • Ice creams
  • High-calorie coffee drinks
  • Foods high in sugar

Pros Of Following A Low Calorie Diet Plan

Well, a diet is always helpful to stay healthy and fit. It, however, helps a person in certain ways, amongst which below are the most essential ones.

1. Helps In Weight Management

Following a low-calorie diet plan, helps you eat less and control unhealthy foods as well. Also, it involves the intake of limited calories that you might consume extra on normal days which can lead to weight gain. However, a limited-calorie diet plan will always help in weight loss or weight management, which you can not control otherwise.

2. Helps You Stay Healthy

When you follow a diet chart, then it has foods that are rich in nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc. that your body needs. Moreover, it involves fiber-rich foods, whole grains, fruits, and, vegetables that you might not eat on a daily basis. Therefore, all of these features of a diet keep you stay healthy.

3. Improve Blood Sugar Levels

While dieting, you avoid sugary foods and drinks, which can lead to high blood sugar levels further leading to diabetes. Therefore, a diet is a good way to avoid all these harmful foods and maintain proper well-being.

4. Boost Mood And Well Being

Low-calorie balanced diets contain essential nutrients and minerals which are important for the normal functioning of the body. Also, these minerals help ensure good and enough sleep at night and make sure your body has sufficient energy to perform everyday tasks. However, a good amount of nutrients and minerals also help you stay healthy and boost your immune system.

Cons Of A Low Calorie Diet

Yes, a low-calorie diet can be harmful in the following ways, and, knowing the side effects is equally important as knowing its benefits.

1. Lower Metabolism

A low-calorie diet plan can lower your metabolism and also, cause your muscle mass to lose, which further, can make it difficult to lose weight. This is because these diets are low in calories, and protein, and moreover, following them without exercise can become harmful to you.

2. Can Cause Fatigue And Nutrition Deficiency

regularly following a low-calorie diet, can, however, restrict certain nutrients that are essential for your body leading to fatigue. these nutrients include protein, calcium, vitamin A, biotin and thiamine, and, magnesium.

3. Reduce Fertility

Such diets, can also, be harmful to women, as they might affect their fertility. however, according to research, the reproductive system is suppressed if women consume 22% – 42% fewer calories than their body requires. Moreover, insufficient intake of calories also reduces estrogen levels making their bones and heart weak.

4. Weaken The Bones

The 2 reproductive hormones, estrogen and testosterone tend to reduce if your body is not getting sufficient calories. This further results in reducing bone formation and increasing bone breakdown.

Tips To Maintain A Low-Calorie Diet Plan

Following a diet is easy because you are given a diet plan, that you just have to simply follow and watch recipes. But what is difficult is to maintain your everyday diet for weight management. So, here are a few basic but essential tips that will help you maintain your weight.

1. Hydration 

Drinking water is one of the best weight loss tips that you can follow. Yes, keeping yourself hydrated is very important as it curbs your appetite, and because it is calorie-free you can consume it freely. However, make sure you drink at least 2 liters of water every day.

2. Sugars 

One of the best and easiest ways to reduce calorie intake is to choose low GI (Glycemic index) foods. As you eat sugary foods, they are stored in your body as fat which further, leads to weight gain. Therefore, it is important to replace high-GI foods like pasta, white bread, etc. with low-GI carbs like whole grains, fruit, etc.

3. Fats 

So, there are 2 types of fats, which are good and bad fats but while following a low calories Indian weight loss diet it is important for you to cut down the intake of fats all over as in a low-calorie diet they are an inefficient energy source compared to carbs. Therefore, try to consume just 20% or less of your calorie intake from good fats.

4. Workout

So, during a diet, it is important to work out, as it increases the rate of burning calories and makes weight loss faster. Also, it will keep you active and here workout does not mean spending hours in the gym but, any physical activity like walking, aerobics, running, yoga, etc.

Is 1,500 Calorie Diet Plan Effective For Losing Weight?

As a fact, yes it is effective but in a short term, you might gain weight or the weight can bounce back to what it was after you stop doing a diet or following it. Therefore, it is not meant for the long-term and, moreover, can lower your metabolic rate, and affect your hormones, heart, immune system, etc. So, if you want to lose weight that too for the long term and don’t want it to bounce back, you can, however, contact Fitelo for a customized diet plan. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is There Any Men’s 1500 Calorie Diet Plan?

Ans: Well, the calorie diet plans depend on a person’s BMI and GI. So, if you want to take a customized diet plan for weight loss in males you can contact Fitelo.

Q. Is There Any 1500 Calorie Diet Plan Vegetarian?

Ans: Yes, the above plan is also, 1500 calorie Indian vegetarian plan, but it can be customized as per your food preferences also.

Q. Can You Follow A 1500 Calorie Diet Plan Every Day?

Ans: To be true, these diet plans should be taken under the guidance of dietitians, nutritionists, or doctors, as they can be harmful also. They can, however, reduce your metabolism, make your immune system weak, and can affect your overall health, and moreover, is not safe for people having any medical issues.

Q. Is A Low Calorie Diet Plan Safe For High Blood Pressure Patients?

Ans: It is always best to follow a proper diet plan for high blood pressure, as that plan would include foods that are safe to consume. However, one can follow such a diet plan after consulting their dietitians and doctors.

Q: Can A 1500 Calorie Diet Plan Vegetarian Meet All The Necessary Nutrient Requirements?

Ans: Protein-rich vegetarian foods that can be included in a 1500 calorie diet plan include lentils, chickpeas, tofu, nuts, seeds, Greek yogurt, and cottage cheese. These foods provide essential amino acids and other nutrients required for building and repairing tissues, maintaining healthy skin, and supporting immune function.

Bringing 1500 Calorie Diet Plan To An End,

So, the low-calorie diet plan mentioned above is a perfect and quick way to lose weight quickly. However, this can be followed by men and women as well as it is a standard diet plan. But, on the other side, people who have medical history should first consult their guides and then proceed, towards following this diet plan. Moreover, to make it easy for you, Fitelo has mentioned low-calorie fruits and vegetables that you can add to your everyday meal to eat a diet low in calories. While to maintain your weight, there are also, some important tips mentioned for you. Therefore, for any further, information or to continue with a diet plan for weight loss, you can consult the expert dietitians of Fitelo.

Fun Fact

Who said it is difficult to start a healthy lifestyle? Because Fitelo believes, it is never too late to start living healthily and nothing is impossible also. But what is required is, just some efforts from your side, and how to put them and what efforts these are, again, we will guide you. So, go through the blog about a healthy lifestyle and know the easy steps towards it.

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This blog post was written to help you to make healthy and better food choices altogether. So, be aware and take care. The important thing to consider is your own health before starting a diet that is restrictive. Always seek advice from a doctor/dietitian before starting if you have any concerns.

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