Aerobics For Weight Loss: Top 10 Fat Burning Exercise

Snehil Sharma

Snehil Sharma
Jan 2023

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Aerobics for weight loss

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Beginning a new year gives us the opportunity to look back on our previous year’s mistakes and plan our new year to improve those mistakes. We have already stepped in 2023 and many of us have planned to take a new fitness resolution. Resolution means ‘re+solution’. This means if our previous solution has not worked, then we need to modernize our old solutions. If we talk about nowadays trends, aerobics is one of the empowering fitness solutions for many of us. Aerobics for weight loss is becoming the most loved and effective fitness program among youngsters. 

Do you know in the study of energy transfer, exercising longer than usual would, you get into the aerobic zone for more extended periods?

Aerobic means ‘living in the air.’ This refers to the use of more oxygen to meet energy demands during exercise via aerobic metabolism. On the other hand, aerobics is also well known as cardiovascular exercise which is performed on fast rhythms that involve a number of muscle groups that makes your lungs work hard as the human body needs more oxygen to perform these activities. That’s the main benefits of performing aerobics to stay fit. To understand and learn more about this fitness program let’s read this informative blog.

What is Aerobics?  

Aerobic exercise is any physical activity that involves increased amounts of oxygen throughout the human body. As we exercise, our muscles require an increased percentage of oxygen to contract for a prolonged period. 

In aerobic exercise, human body cells undergo cellular respiration, in which oxygen and other molecules are converted into adenosine triphosphate (ATP) which is the primary energy source for the human cell. While performing aerobic exercise, our heart rate will increase which will pump more oxygen-carrying blood. This will also increase our breathing rate to bring more oxygen into the blood and bloodstream. As aerobic exercises require increased functioning of both lungs and heart. 

How Much Aerobic Exercise Should You Do? 

There are various studies that show that an adult should participate in one of the following physical activity durations each week to promote optimal heart health. Aerobics for weight loss also helps you to lower the risk of developing cardiovascular disease:

  • Moderate Activities– 150 Minutes
  • Vigorous Activities– 75 Minutes
  • Moderate and Vigorous Physical Activity– 90 Minutes

The number of exercise intensity is grouped into the following categories:

  • Light Intensity: Slow walking, Yoga, household work 
  • Moderate Intensity: Brisk walking- 30 minutes (quick or speedy), bicycling (3-4 Km), fun-dancing, recreational swimming, gardening, etc
  • Vigorous Intensity: Running, Jogging, Hiking, bicycling (more than 10 miles per hour), regular swimming laps, 150-200 jumping rope, high-intensity aerobics, weight lifting, stair climbing stairs, etc. 

Health Advantages of Aerobics For Weight Loss

There are many health benefits of doing aerobics at home. In fact, these exercises can be done at home with little to no equipment. Even these programs are best for those who do not have time to hit the gym every day. So, let’s go through some other benefits:    

  • Aerobic exercises improve cardiovascular health by strengthening it and aiding our heart to pump blood more efficiently and efficiently throughout the human body.
  • These exercises also cure high blood pressure and aid to lower blood pressure. Even help you to cover up their symptoms. 
  • Including aerobic exercise in your daily routine provides you considerable relief from asthma and also helps in controlling the severity and the frequency of asthma attacks.
  • This fitness program also prevents getting rid of chronic pains like back pain, knee pain, etc, by performing low-impact aerobics exercises such as activities like walking, swimming, and other water aerobics.
  • Performing aerobics regularly will also uplift moods and cure sleeplessness to a great extent. This especially prevents insomnia.
  • One of the most essential benefits of including aerobics in your daily routine is that it triggers weight loss and helps you to regulate your healthy weight. 
  • Through aerobics you can even strengthen and improve your immune system, fight diabetes, and maintain or balance your cholesterol level.

Aerobic for Weight Loss: Exercises

Still wondering that ‘is aerobic for weight loss good or bad,’ here are 10 exercises to confirm that yes, they are effective for weight loss: 

Aerobics exercise for weight loss

1. Aerobics for Weight Loss Includes Burpees

Burpees is a full-body workout that has many benefits. It is one of the hardest and most impactful aerobic exercises to lose weight. The health advantages of this exercise are strengthening of the body, increasing blood circulation, enhancing flexibility, and pumping up the heart rate. Performing at least 3 to 5 sets of 15-20 repetitions.

2. Stretching

Stretching is an exciting and relaxing activity that is best for losing weight. It helps your muscles to tone and muscles to relax. Doing stretching you can approx. burn 100-90 calories if practiced for 30-35 minutes.  

3. Cycling

Cycling is the most enjoyable exercise. It is beneficial as it helps your heart to pump more oxygen-carrying blood to your body. Also, through cycling, you can lower your body fat levels and increase your metabolism (know more about what is metabolism level. Moreover, cycling aids in building more muscle which helps in the burning of calories. In addition, it strengthens your muscles along with boosting heart health and blood flow.

4. Dancing

Undoubtedly, dancing is a fun way to lose weight. Dancing comes under cardio exercise. This means it pumps up your heart rate. Along with aerobic dance, you can go for a diet plan for weight loss for more remarkable results. We all know that dancing includes a full-body workout that keeps you flexible and fit. Some of the popular aerobic dances are belly dancing, Zumba, pole dance, etc. Through dancing, we can tone our core muscles, lower back, arms, legs, etc.  

5. Walking a Perfect Aerobics For Weight Loss

Walking is an easy aerobic exercise to reduce weight. At least walking 30-40 minutes every day can aid you to burn approx. 130-140 calories. The right time to do walking is in the early morning. But sometimes if you are not able to go for a walk in the morning you can do it in the evening.  Try to include a small walk even after having your meals because doing so will help you to digest your food properly. In the morning schedule, start walking at a speed of 3-4 miles per hour, and gradually increase. 

CTA ImageCTA Image

6. Weightlifting

Weightlifting is the most popular and loveable aerobic exercise for weight loss. These aerobic exercises require some weight to carry out. Weightlifting is a combination of aerobics and strength training. You can start these exercises with some moderate weights and do walking lunges, different squats, etc. withholding weights on the one hand. 

7. Swimming An Powerful Aerobics For Weight Loss

Swimming is considered an exciting exercise for weight loss. This aerobic exercise also helps the human body to control and balance breathing.  Approx 500-510 calories can be burned if performed 1 hour of swimming. For beginners, 5-10 laps are enough to build up your endurance. But people who are experienced can exceed their laps of freestyle strokes to engage all the muscles in the movement.  

8. Jogging

Jogging is the most popular full-body workout. Regular jogging will help you to build endurance and stamina. This makes your bones and muscles stronger. Also, it helps you to boost your metabolism and improves bone density. Moreover, jogging benefits your lung and heart functions to take in more oxygen. 

9. Aerobic Strength Circuit

The aerobic strengthening circuit has a series of five exercises. This includes lunges, squats, push-ups, dips, and torso twists. This exercise is designed to get your heart rate up and mainly focus on all your major muscles. Doing so your whole body gets toned and as a result, your cardiovascular functions increase drastically. These exercises fall under moderate intensity, so these exercises should not be too difficult for you. 

10. Elliptical Trainer

This aerobic method is a brilliant way to perform cardio. It helps the human body to build strong muscles and also tones your stomach fat. This training machine is really great if you can attach some visual aids to it such as listening to music, or attaching a small handy TV to watch movies, etc. For people who want to shred their weight all over their bodies, this machine is best for them. It also burns more calories than a treadmill within the same timeframe. It is also easier for people who all have joint issues. 

11. Zumba 

Zumba is a high-energy dance form inspired by Latin dancing for weight loss. It is a fun activity to increase your physical activity and also helpful in burning calories. Also, Zumba helps you to strengthen your core and become more flexible from hip and midsection movements. This dance form is also well known to improve mood.

To Make Long Story Short

There are many physical activities that can help us to lose weight but many of us struggle in finding the right one for us. Out of many physical activities, aerobics is one of them. These exercises are the perfect way of losing weight, especially for beginners. But it is important to maintain the right intensity. Also, while performing aerobic exercises to lose weight and build muscle strength. If we maintain consistency in practicing aerobics in our daily routine, then we can save ourselves from obesity and other health problems. 

However, you can even seek professional help from experts who can help you set realistic weight loss goals. Here in Fitelo you can even talk and discuss your diet plans to enjoy the best results. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Aerobics For Weight Loss Effective?  

Ans: Yes, aerobic exercises help in weight loss. Practicing them regularly for 45-50 minutes and combining them with a healthy diet will provide you the remarkable results.

 Q: In Aerobics For Weight Loss Which Exercise Is The Most Effective One To Burn Belly Fat? 

Ans: Aerobic exercises like dancing, cycling, running, swimming, etc. burn most belly fat.

Q: How Many Calories Can One Burn With Aerobic Exercise?

Ans: It varies in weight, exercise intensity, fitness level, and duration of activity. 

Q: Is Yoga An Aerobic Exercise?

Ans: Yes, there are only a few forms of yoga for weight loss, for example, vinyasa yoga. This form of yoga requires speedy or quick changes in movements and poses.

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This blog post was written to help you to make healthy and better food choices altogether. So, be aware and take care. The important thing to consider is your own health before starting a diet that is restrictive. Always seek advice from a doctor/dietitian before starting if you have any concerns.

Eat Healthy, Live Healthy. Enjoy a long happy life.

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