Do you stay in Chandigarh and find yourself indulging in the food the city has to offer?

Are you constantly worried about your weight and the food you eat?

Do you find yourself tempted to follow diet fads and techniques while trying to lose weight?

Do you feel guilty while having a bite of your favourite treats?


At Fitelo we work with the best nutritionist and dietitian in Chandigarh to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Our Diet Plans Are

Online Diet and Weight Loss Plan


A diet plan that is easy to follow and incorporate into your lifestyle is the ideal diet plan for you. It is a meal plan you can follow comfortably without disrupting your routine.


Fad diets are often unhealthy and life-threatening to follow since they tend to be extreme and give short term results. If you want long term results, your diet plan needs to incorporate a long term vision.

Online Diet and Weight Loss Plan


Not all diets will have a positive result for your body type.

Our expert dietitians will be able to curate a diet plan especially for you, keeping in mind your metabolism rate, food preferences, lifestyle and more.


An expert nutritionist knows how certain foods work well together and what time of the day is best to indulge.

Studying your metabolism rate and mass, a nutritionist can help you with a diet plan that allows you to eat what you enjoy in the correct quantity and time of the day.


A diet plan should not impact your physical and mental state of mind.

A holistic diet encourages a positive attitude towards healthy food while ensuring you get to eat your favourite meals too.

Our Expert Team


Our expert team of dietitians and nutritionists is led by the world-renowned dietitian, Mac Singh.

Having worked with clients across India, Europe, Australia, America and Canada who have sought out Mac, and receiving impeccable reviews of the results they obtained while working with him.

Our team of experts have helped over 15,000 people achieve their health and fitness goals and allowed Mac to establish himself as the best dietitian in Chandigarh.

Sahil Bansal, Fitelo

Sahil Bansal, Co-founder & CEO

Co-Founder, Fitelo

About Dietitian Mac (Dietitian in Chandigarh)

Driven by his weight loss journey, Mac has not only helped his clients live a fitter life but has also helped them develop a healthier relationship with food, fitness and themselves.

Having worked with clients from nearly every continent in the world, Mac is experienced with curating diet plans as per his client’s specific needs.

With fifteen years of experience, Mac has grown to be recognised as the most famous dietitian in Chandigarh.

Mac's Transformation Journey

Mac made his inspiring transformation from being a teenager who weighed 120 kilograms to now weighing 65 kilograms.

His weight-loss journey strengthened his faith in the power of the food we eat so much that he pursued his education in BSc. BT, CFN, M.Sc. Dietetics.

After working with many health and fitness centres, he started Fitelo, intending to educate people and teach them to be mindful of their bodies and not merely restrict themselves to certain foods.

His vision has made Fitelo known to be the best diet clinic in Chandigarh.

Dietitian Mac Singh

120 KGs

dietitian in chandigarh

92 KGs

Dietitian online in india

65 KGs

The Perfect Diet

The best nutritionists help you eat better, not less.

The right diet will – 

Make you feel better mentally, emotionally and not just physically

Give you improved immunity

Not leave you feeling hungry or dissatisfied

Not make you add unnecessary chemicals to your body

At Fitelo, we believe it is not a short term diet but a long term lifestyle change.

How Can We Help?

Fitelo’s dietitians recommend natural diets, notably avoiding the use of supplements and medicines. As a principle, Fitelo endeavours to help clients achieve their fitness goals by instilling lifestyle changes. A healthy diet that can be natural, sustainable and easy to follow. So by keeping your preferences in mind, Mac and his team curate diet charts and meal plan that you can keep up with and can be embraced as part of your lifestyle.

Learn to love food, not fear it. The team at Fitelo offers diet consultations remotely as well as at their offices in Chandigarh.

Contact us to experience the change today.

Let’s talk


We create customized diet plans based on your lifestyle, likes and dislikes, your body type and weight loss needs, medical conditions (if any) etc. Our dietitians talk to our clients and prepare diet plans for them. We don’t use or recommend any supplements or medicines in our diets. Our diets are completely natural.

We focus on modifying the lifestyle of an individual and creating long term habits so that once the weight is shredded, it doesn’t come back. All of this is backed by the study done by our dietitians and years of practice. This process of talking to the clients, explaining them how their body is reacting to different foods, what foods are good for them etc. happens throughout the duration of the plan.

Yes ! They have done bachelors/masters in nutrition and dietetics and have ample experience with big hospitals and diet clinics. 

To work with us, you don’t need to visit anywhere. We have our own app – Fitelo.

If you join us, you will have our direct phone number. You will discuss everything on phone.

All your details including diets plans will be updated on your app. You will also get meal notification reminders. In case of any doubts, you can call/whatsapp us directly.

Our diets are natural, there are no medicines or powders. It will be made according to your routine and lifestyle. For example, if you have a hectic lifestyle, your diet plan will have easy to cook options.

Exercise has 20% role in weight loss, 80% is diet. We focus on diet. At max we might ask you to do a 20 minute walk every day. 

We don’t work on calories. Our diet plans will include what to eat and when but we will not restrict meal size.

We are reachable at 9402850007. You can share your contact number in case you would like us to contact you. 

There are multiple options to pay – paytm, google pay, internet banking, credit and debit cards, direct deposit to our bank account etc.

To start – you have to download our app Fitelo and purchase a plan from there (If you go to the My Diet Section – it will prompt you to purchase a plan first). Once you do that, our dietitian will get in touch with you, discuss everything and then create a customized plan for you. Let us know if we can call you and answer if you have any specific queries. 

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You can also go to Playstore/Appstore and search for Fitelo

To start your lifestyle transformation journey, you do not have to visit us! All you need is your phone! Yes we have our own fitness app- FITELO. After joining us through a phone call, you will be connected to a dietitian who will make a personalized diet plan based on your likes/dislikes and medical condition. All your diets will be updated in the app! You will also get meal reminder notifications. In case you have doubts and questions regarding diet plan, we are available for direct call/whatsapp.

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