Get Inspired by Mandeep’s Story With Our Fat Loss Consultant

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Fat Loss Consultant

15 kgs gone in 45 days 🔥🥳💪🏻

Mandeep Sehgal, a government employee from Canada, is one of our clients. His increasing weight became a grave concern for him. He was in search of a fat loss consultant. So, he joined Fitelo with the hope of getting rid of his extra weight. He wanted us to work on his metabolism and also become more active at the workplace.

Mandeep had a lot of injuries on his shoulders. He even had a slipped disk, so he could not do proper exercises. For this, he was regularly seeing a physiotherapist. So, due to restricted movement, it became difficult for him to lose weight with exercise.

He also had uric acid elevations. So, our fat loss consultant planned a diet that helped him improve his uric acid levels. Mandeep had acidity issues as well. This was due to his long working hours and irregular eating. As per the recent reports, he had high cholesterol. He even had a fatty liver. Adding to that, He was borderline diabetic.

Our fat loss consultants planned cheat meals every week. He had a social life and loved having fried and non-veg food like chicken, eggs, biryani and drinks. So, our dietitians mostly planned the food that he loves. In Mandeep’s own words, never once did he feel that he was on a diet.

Throughout the diet, Mandeep kept an optimistic approach. He was also very disciplined till he reached his goal. With willpower and dedication, Mandeep lost 13.5 kgs in just 45 days! Our fat loss consultants and Mandeep both were delighted with the transformation.


Are you still one of those who think that having several health issues and eating your favourite foods is coming in your way of weight loss? Contact us today if you are looking for a Diet Plan with cheat meals. Also, to discuss how we can help you in achieving your weight loss goals.




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