Gastritis Diet For 7 Days And Tips To Reduce Acidity ( foods to eat)

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Sanya Singh
Dec 2022

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Gastritis Diet

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Just imagine a life without any disease or health problem, where you don’t even need to go to the doctor. Well, you must be thinking how is this even possible? But it is, and you just need to make a change in your lifestyle, which is making it healthy. This is, however, true, that junk food is tasty and is difficult to say no to, but what about the gas or acidity that you get later and then follow a gastritis diet? So, it is never too late to start anything or start working towards your goal of a healthy life. Let us begin. 

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What Is Gastritis?

Gastritis problem is quite a common problem among people. It is an inflammation, erosion, or irritation of the lining of the stomach. It, however, at the start is acute but can turn into a chronic condition. Or in other words, gastritis is the membrane of the stomach gets disturbed and further, leads to the secretion of acids.

Gastric Problem Causes

However, behind gastric issues, there can be several reasons. Some that are often to be blamed are below.

1. Upper Intestinal Gas: 

This is known as aerophagia in which you swallow the gas, in the below forms,

  • Chewing gums
  • Smoking
  • Loose dentures
  • Drinking through straw
  • Eating too fast

2. Lower Intestinal Gas:

This is the situation when intestinal bacteria act on the undigested food present in the large intestine and further, gas is excreted out of the body in flatus form. These foods include,

  • Starch foods like potatoes, pasta, corn, etc.
  • Fatty and spicy foods
  • Vegetables include cabbage, beans, onion, asparagus
  • Fruits like apples, pears, and peaches
  • Being empty stomach for a long time or eating excessive spicy food and drinking alcohol.
  • Taking too much stress, tension, and anxiety or disturbance of mental health are also, the major reasons for this problem.
  • Also, if you do not chew your food properly then you can have a gas problem.
  • Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori): This is the bacteria living in the mucous lining of the stomach and if you do not treat it on time, it further, leads to ulcers or stomach cancer.
  • Bile reflux: This is another reason for gastritis in which bile juice backflows in the stomach from the bile tract.
  • Other causes, that you should not ignore are acidity, indigestion, bloating, heartburn, bacterial infection, constipation, etc.

Symptoms Of Gastritis Problem

Feeling gas in the stomach is quite common, and there can be many symptoms for it some most common ones are mentioned for you.

Symptoms of gastritis

Diagnosis And Treatment For Gastric Problems

To know any health problem, there are certain tests that have to be done to diagnose the cause and so is for gastritis problems.

  • Upper Endoscopy 

This test is also, called esophagogastroduodenoscopy or OGD in which your esophagus, small part of the intestine, and stomach are examined. The doctor puts an endoscope which is a thin and flexible tube in your mouth and proceeds through the throat into the food pipe, intestines, and stomach. Further, there is a camera placed at the end of the tube which enables the view of the stomach and intestine thoroughly.

  • Blood Tests

To diagnose other diseases, causes, and symptoms doctors also, do blood tests, However, doctors may recommend Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) to look for the bacterium that usually is the cause of gastric problems.

  • Stool Test Or Fecal Occult Blood Test 

A stool culture checks if there are any bacteria present in the digestive tract that may cause gastritis problems. However, once the cause and the stage are diagnosed, the procedure of treatment starts.

Treatment For Gastritis

Treatment involves dietary changes and medications. Bland diet foods are good for stomach related problems. What is a bland diet for gastritis? It is a temporary eating plan that consists of easily digestible foods that are gentle on the stomach and intestinal tract. But is a diet plan beneficial for gastritis? Yes, a well-designed diet plan is highly beneficial for managing and reducing the symptoms of gastritis, which we will discuss in the following section.

Along with food changes, your doctor can recommend some medications.

  • Antacids and other drugs are prescribed to reduce stomach acid.
  • If the gastritis is caused due to bacterial infection or viral, then to reduce heartburn you will be provided with medications.

7-Day Diet Plan For Gastritis

So, below is the 7-day meal plan for gastritis patients recommended by the expert dietitians of Fitelo. Following, this diet, you will also, get to know the right foods for gastritis and can stay away from any triggers.

Day 1

On day 1, breakfast for gastritis patients is not very boring as this includes vegetable poha or indori poha which is healthy and flavorful. This diet will not be that boring, trust Fitelo.

Gastritis diet day 1

Day 2

So, if you have followed the day 1 diet properly, it is time to do the same for the second day. Who said you can not have stuffed roti during a gas problem, of course, you can, check this out.

Gastritis diet day 2

Day 3

South Indian is my favorite of all, and stuffed vegetable idli is the first thing that comes to mind, so why not add it to your diet as well?

Gastritis diet day 3

Day 4

Call it jeera water or elaichi water, both aid in weight loss and gas problems. So, it is, however, important to add to your diet.

Gastritis diet day 4

Day 5

Third last day of the diet, and you must be feeling better, but this does not mean you will stop here. Make sure you complete the 7-day course of the whole diet chart. Enjoy palak dal khichdi on day 5!

day 5

Day 6

Vegetable dalia khichdi is a perfect choice to add to your diet, as it helps in weight loss and bloating as well. On this day, you have the same meal, and you can add your choice of vegetables to it.

Gastritis diet day 6

Day 7

Surely, you must be okay till now and your gas must have said bye-bye. Today there is an interesting meal for you which has missi roti with curd. Have a happy meal and stay healthy.

day 7

What Foods Are Good For Gastritis?

Although you have a diet to follow, this is not enough until you know which foods to eat in your daily life routine if often you suffer from gas.

  • Green tea
  • Fresh fruits
  • Beans and legumes
  • Low acid vegetables
  • Low salt cheese
  • Oats and barley
  • Probiotic-rich foods
  • Foods rich in protein

Which Foods Are To Be Avoided For Gastritis?

While suffering from any problem, what is important is to know what is right for you and what is not. Similarly, these are gastritis foods to avoid, and you should know which foods not to add to your diet.

  • acidic foods like tomatoes and some fruits
  • alcohol
  • carbonated drinks
  • coffee
  • fatty foods
  • fried foods
  • fruit juices
  • pickled foods
  • spicy foods
  • tea

How To Treat Gastritis With Diet? Tips To Follow

There is no problem that does not have a solution to it. So, below are the tips mentioned for you, which will help you control gastritis problems.

  • Make sure, you drink plenty of water which also, includes lemon and baking soda it. Drinking a glass of cold milk, buttermilk, and mint juice also helps.
  • Also, drinking tea, fennel water, chamomile tea or ginger tea helps solve bloating and prevent gastritis.
  • Add whole grain foods, vegetables, and fruits to your diet making your meals healthy.
  • Most importantly, avoid junk food, and fried, and substitute your unhealthy meals with healthy ones.
  • Moreover, eat proper 8 meals instead of skipping and eating one meal in a big quantity.

Bottom Line

So, while suffering from gastritis, it becomes painful, and however, you become aware of what, when, and how much to eat. Therefore, following the gastritis diet by Fitelo will help reduce the symptoms. Moreover, if you take care of the foods you should eat and avoid, it will further, prevent the condition from getting worse.

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Transformation That Improved Gastritis Too!

So, here is an amazing transformation, where she not only lost weight but also showed an improvement in her acidity or gas problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Are The Fruits For Gastritis?

In gastritis, you can eat fruits like blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, or citrus fruits that will enable the growth of H. pylori.

Can You Add Eggs To Gastritis Diet?

Yes, you can eat eggs while suffering from gas, as it will help repair your damaged stomach.

Is It Ok To Eat Yogurt On Gastritis Diet?

Yogurt, however, is one of the vitamin B 12-rich foods, and is also, a good choice to have during gastritis.

Which Liquids Are Best To Add To Gastritis Diet?

Water, herbal tea, non-dairy milk, low sugar, and low-acid beverages are, however, the best beverages to drink during gastritis problems.

Can You Drink Milk On Gastritis Diet?

Well, sometimes milk can be a good option to drink to temporarily relieve stomach pain but usually, it can worsen gastritis symptoms as it can increase the production of acid in the stomach.

How To Fix Metabolism?

During weight loss, metabolism plays quite an important role and if it is weak then it might be difficult for you to lose. So, here is Dietitian Mac who will tell you how to fix your metabolism, watch it.

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This blog post was written to help you to make healthy and better food choices. So, be aware and take care. The important thing to consider is your own health before starting a diet that is restrictive. Always seek advice from a doctor/dietitian before starting if you have any concerns.

Eat Healthy, Live Healthy. Enjoy a long happy life.

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