Healthy Life, Healthy Mind! Read Divya’s inspiring story

Japleen Kaur

Japleen Kaur
Sep 2021

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Healthy Life

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Lost 7 Kg With Dramatic Inch Loss, Divya, a beautiful analyst from Melbourne, came across our Facebook page while trying to find herself a guide for her weight loss journey. She had just aim was to build for herself a healthy life. The content on our page not only helped her increase her knowledge and awareness about food but also busted myths attached to weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. This helped her make a clear decision and come to onboard.

Healthy Life

Myth 1- Diet Plans Can’t Be Accommodated In My Busy Schedule

Busy lives are no longer an excuse to not take care of your health. Divya is an analyst and this requires her to be on her toes all day long. Not to forget, she has household chores to look after too, sparing her bare minimum time for herself. Working with her closely, our dietitians devised an intervention that not only fit in her schedule and HELPED HER LOSE WEIGHT, but also MADE HER MORE ENTHUSIASTIC towards her work. So guys let’s come up with better excuses to not start.

Myth 2- Cravings Come In The Way

Yet another sweet lie.😇

Not convincing?🤔

How about we take care of your cravings and also give you your favourite foods JUST as WE DID FOR DIVYA? 😎


Oh! but IT IS!😎

Divya has managed to gain these results by enjoying her favourite foods and waving goodbye to her cravings. Along the process, she noticed that her cravings grew lesser. Not to forget, where earlier she shopped for Extra Large clothes, she now slays in a Small.😎

Myth 3- Food Can’t Help Prevent Or Treat Diseases

Divya here has a family history of Diabetes which makes her 90% more prone to develop diabetes, she complained of bloating issues, constipation, and also suffered from gluten sensitivity. With special care taken towards all of the conditions, while planning her diets, Divya now has lower blood sugar levels, no constipation, and bloating, all this along with a drop of 7 kg.

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