Aman Dhindsa Weight Loss Through Natural Foods: Lost 13Kgs

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We often hear dedication, hard work and consistency are all you need in life to succeed. The same goes for your health. Aman is a living example, he lost 13 kgs just in 26 days through natural weight loss foods that are available in every household. You don’t need an expensive gym membership or quit eating your favorite food.

If food is the reason for weight gain try to change that into foods that lose weight. It’s the perception of how you look at things. Aman dhindsa weight loss journey is the correct answer to this statement.

Aman’s Transformation Through Natural Weight Loss Foods

  • Aman Dhindsa, from California, just proved that anything is possible with dedication.
  • Eager to shed extra weight from his body, Aman joined us a month back with a single focus.
  • He was tired of being overweight and wanted to start leading a healthy life.
  • Aman had a hectic schedule with no time to hit the gym or spend hours cooking.

Fitelo’s Role In Aman’s Weight Loss Transformation

  • After following our customized diet plan for just 26 days, Aman lost 13 kgs without any supplements or medicines just through the natural foods diet plan he was able to do so.
  • There were no fancy meals or products. We helped to have an overall better lifestyle.
  • With Fitelo he has maintained his weight and there is no sign of weight bounce back.

It might sound crazy, but this happened! We could not be more proud of him. We continue to work with Aman to help him lead a healthy lifestyle as it is not just about losing weight once, it is about maintaining a healthy lifestyle so that the weight does not bounce back, EVER!

Fun Fact

Did you know? The majority of Indians are Vitamin D deficient. The role of Vitamin D is not limited to weight loss only. Vitamin D deficiency can lead to serious consequences such as weak immunity, weak bones, and muscle loss Read More.

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