7-Day No Sugar Diet Plan: The Facts And Benefits

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Your favorite pastry and sweets are making you fat and is it difficult to exclude them from your diet? If yes, then this article is for you. If you want to get into shape and burn those extra pounds, then a no sugar diet is the best assistance on the path to perfection. 

But sugar is an essential ingredient in many food items such as pastries, desserts jams, etc. and it’s difficult to prepare them without sugar. All these dishes and products contain a large amount of sugar, which, is not good for health. Consuming these foods not only adds extra pounds to your body but also develops various other chronic diseases too. 

That is why nutritionists and dietitians recommend consuming no more than 3 tsp of sugar per day. Well, if you want to get rid of excess weight quickly and most importantly with other health benefits, then learn the rules of the sugar-free diet further in this article. Also, know why to avoid sugars from your diet immediately. 

5 Reasons Why Sugar Is Not Good For Health

Excess intake of anything can harm your health. Similarly, eating a lot of sugar can provoke diseases in our bodies and sometimes can work as a sweet poison. However, the dangers of sugar are growing every day and even many people stopped buying them.  

Also, there are thousands of articles and blogs you can find on the internet talking about the negative effects of sugars, but are these factually correct? Let’s figure out:

no sugar diet

1. Sugars Add Extra Pounds And Can Cause Obesity 

The Fact: Most often, you have noticed that drinking tea or coffee can cause obesity and raise a burning sensation. The same goes for juices, lemonade, and other carbonated drinks that contain sugars. Sweet teas, sodas, and juices contain fructose which is a type of sugar that can increase hunger and raise the desire to eat. This is because fructose causes resistance to the action of the hormone leptin and reduces its amount in the body, and this leads to a violation of energy metabolism. A decrease in the concentration of leptin in the body can contribute to obesity. 

Recent studies have confirmed that people who frequently consume sugary drinks weigh more than those who do not drink them. However, if you have a fast metabolism and an active lifestyle, then gaining excess weight will be more difficult.

2. Sugar Intake Can Causes Type 2 Diabetes

The Fact: It is reported that consuming sugary foods in long term can cause type 2 diabetes. This is because consuming a large number of sugars resists the pancreas to produce enough insulin that regulates blood sugar levels. Insulin is needed to carry glucose in the body’s cells for energy. However, its resistance leads to increased type 2 diabetes in the body. 

At first, this disease may be asymptomatic, but then it can start showing its adverse effects on the body. So, it is very important to detect it at an early stage and immediately reduce sugar intake.

For diabetics, special foods with sweeteners are being developed. But if you have diabetes, it’s best to follow a type 2 diabetes diet for fast recovery.

3. Sugar Is Not Good For Skin 

The Fact: The regular consumption of sugars in your diet can start affecting your health. Even a high intake of sugars also leads to increased secretion of androgen hormones, which contributes to the formation of acne. Also, excess sugar in the body enters the bloodstream, combines with proteins, and forms harmful molecules – “AGEs” or advanced glycation end products. These compounds damage collagen and elastin, the protein fibers of the skin that are responsible for its elasticity. As a result of this process, wrinkles appear. But, if you’re taking zero sugar diet or using small doses, then there will be no harm. 

4. Sugars Can Cause Tooth Decay

The Fact: It is reported that children and adults who eat foods containing sugar are more prone to tooth decay and bad oral health. This is because eating sugar-containing foods, their particles can remain on and between the teeth. Namely, sugar is food for harmful bacteria that convert it into acids that destroy tooth enamel. 

But if you thoroughly brush your teeth twice a day and eat sugar free diet, then the risk of developing cavities and tooth decay will be minimal.

5. Sugars Can Cause Cardiovascular Diseases 

The Fact: It is found that excess sugar can increase the amount of adipose tissue that gets deposited on the walls of blood vessels. It will make the blood vessels thicker and can become clogged. Thus, the process of the normal transportation of blood and filling of the heart with it is disturbed, which can lead to the appearance of heart diseases: heart failure, and stroke.

Even doctors recommend following a sugar free diet plan and eating less sugar to reduce high blood pressure and lower the risk of other heart diseases. 

How It Is Easy To Lose Weight With No Sugar Diet Plan?

The sugar patient diet chart is for people who are suffering from diabetes but it can also work best for people who are aiming to lose some pounds. Following a healthy diet is easy but eliminating sugars from your diet can be a difficult task. Because, even with no sugar there are a lot of foods that contain sugar, for example, bread and milk. Bread and milk contain very less amounts of sugar, so people who are following no sugar diet meal plan should also recommend reducing these foods from their diet. 

Taking no sugar for a month will help reduce sugar levels in the body, and also it helps improve digestion too. It will regulate the production of glucose in the body that will help burn extra calories too.

Sugars also contain a high amount of carbohydrates than recommended which get deposited in the body and make you overweight. However, a no sugar diet plan is also low in carbohydrates that help burn deposited fat and improve metabolism. Losing weight with no sugar for a month weight loss diet plan is very simple since there is no strict restriction. But, if you want to get the desired weight it is recommended to stop consuming foods rich in carbohydrates and sugars for at least a month. You will start noticing a change in your appearance. 

What Are Other Surprising Benefits Of No Sugar Diet?

No sugar diet will not only help you lose weight but also bring other benefits to the body. However, the rejection of sugar completely from your diet will significantly improve your well-being and prevents the development of any other chronic diseases. The main benefits of sugar free diet include: 

  • Sugar free diet can lead to effective weight loss and prevent our bodies from obesity. 
  • Following sugar free diet will reduce the risk of developing diabetes mellitus, and gastrointestinal diseases. 
  • It will accelerate the metabolic process, and improve other digestive issues. 
  • It will help you get rid of morning sleepiness, which sweet lovers often suffer from. 
  • Sugar free diet will increase attention, improve memory, normalization of cognitive functions, and activation of mental activity. 
  • It also helps eliminate anxiety, depression, irritability, and mood swings. 
  • Consumption of sugar free best diet plan will delay aging, improve skin conditions, and gives healthy glowing skin. 

Know Is Sugar Free Good For No Diet Plan?

Many diabetic patients used to replace their regular sugar with sugar free natura, but is it really good for your health. Check out the complete video to know actual fact behind this sugar free!

7 Day No Sugar Diet Plan

Here we have a complete list of 7 days no sugar diet plans that you can follow to lower the risk of other diseases and attain your desired body shape. This diet plan consists of foods that are rich in nutrients that benefit our bodies in many ways. The best part of this diet plan is anyone can follow this eating routine to get a healthy and fit body. So, let’s check them out!


Many people are addicted to morning tea or coffee which is really harmful it also increases the sugar levels in the body. So avoid that you can replace your morning tea or coffee with something lite and sugar free that is jeera coriander water. Check out the complete meal plan for the day below!

no sugar diet plan


Good morning for the 2nd day of your sugar-free diet, again begin your day with jeera coriander water followed by vegetable dalia khichdi as your early morning breakfast. And in the evening you can have chia seed water and to end your day try the mixed veg soup. Also, have a cup of camomile tea for better digestion and good sleep.


Let’s move to the 3rd day, on the third day you can have moong dal khichdi during lunch and moong dal without tadka in your dinner. You can also say it is a moong dal day, well jokes apart. Also, don’t forget to grab a cup of chamomile tea before going to bed.


Wow! You are on day 4 of the diet, now I am sure you started noticing some positive changes in your appearance. If not, then don’t worry you still have 3 days but moving further follow today’s diet routine.


It’s day 5, and I really like your motivation that you’re still following your diet. In brief, delicious food included in your today’s diet includes a hung curd sandwich and you can also have cooked mixed veg sabzi with one or two whole wheat roti.

no sugar diet plan


While tracking your weight loss journey must follow this diet plan on the 6th day of your sugar-free diet.

no sugar diet plan


Great job! It’s the final day of your no sugar diet. I am sure you started receiving complement from people about your transformation, if not then don’t worry sometime results came late but don’t miss any diet from your meal plan for day 7th.

no sugar diet plan

Puneet Fitness Story Who Lost 30Kgs: A Magical Transformation

Do you know Indian weight loss diet plans alone can magically transform your appearance? If not then, check out this weight loss transformation story of Puneet who makes his dream come true by losing 30kgs. Yes, 30kgs sounds unbelievable right but it’s true. Read his complete story and see how he achieved it with the help of Fitelo’s dietitians and health experts.

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Desserts Without Sugar: The Easiest Recipes For No Sugar Diet Plans

Sugar is harmful because it increases weight, destroys teeth, and provokes the development of inflammatory processes, which worsen over the years, provoking rapid aging, destruction of joints, etc. But then what to eat if we crave something sweet? You can try the below-mentioned dishes made with natural sugars if you can’t control your craving for something sweet. 

1. Waffles

Yes, now you can have your favorite waffles made with natural sugars to lose weight. You can include this interesting homemade protein-rich waffle recipe in your no–sugar meal to treat yourself and your family. The process of making these waffles is very easy, check out the complete recipe here!

Treat Yourself With This Delicious Protein Rich Waffle Recipe

2. Phirni

If you’re wondering how phirni can be a no sugar food, then let me tell you that this phirni recipe is made with all-natural sugar and it’s very low in calories. So, if you’re following a healthy diet and carving for something sweet then this phirni recipe is perfect for you. Must try it today!

Ek Sham Dawat -E-Dessert Phirni Recipe Ke Naam!

3. Pal Payasam 

It is one of the old traditional festive South Indian sweet dishes which is also called kheer. South Indians love to make this dish at festivals such as pongal. The traditional dish is prepared with milk and sugar here we are using natural sugar “stevia” instead of white sugar to make it fit for your no sugar diet plan. 

Kerala’s Special Pal Payasam Recipe: Easy Dessert At Home 

4. Alsi Ke Laddu

If you’re searching for some quick bite options that are healthy too, then must try this alsi ke laddu ki recipe. It’s sugar free nutritious rich laddu that you can have any time in the day to satisfy your little hunger. Usually, laddu is difficult to make at home but this alsi ke laddu is very easy to make and required very fewer ingredients. So, to make it now follow the below recipe!

Alsi K Laddu: Sugar Free And Healthy Recipe At Home

5. Cham Cham 

If you want better dessert options for your small get to gathers and kitty parties, then this cham cham recipe is the one you must try. This cham cham recipe contains less sugar and is rich in other nutrients that will satisfy you carving for sweets also promote healthy weight loss. 

Cham Cham Recipe: Make This Bengali Mithai At Home [2022]

6. Homemade Sugar Free Chocolate 

It’s good news for chocolate lovers, now you don’t have to limit your chocolate intake because here we have an amazing sugar-free chocolate recipe for you that will help burn fat too. Yes, you heard it right this chocolate recipe will help you lose weight without compromising its taste. Try this recipe now!

Here at Fitelo, we have hundreds of such sugar-free recipes that contain less sugar and are rich in other nutrients too. To get all of them follow our youtube channel where we have many healthy tips and tricks too that will help you lose weight naturally. 

Let’s Wrap Up

Sugar or “No sugar” impacts your health either positively or negatively. But as we discussed earlier excess amounts are always dangerous and can cause death too. So, be careful while choosing foods and planning your meal plans. And, If you really want to get rid of diabetes and high blood pressure then must follow above mentioned no sugar along with physical fitness activities. Because only healthy habits can make you healthy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Can You Eat On A No Sugar Diet?

Ans: In a no-sugar diet, you can eat green leafy vegetables, pulses, dairy products containing zero sugars, nuts, fish, meat, etc. 

Q: How Do I Start A No Sugar Diet?

Ans: You can start eliminating foods containing the rich amount of sugars, such as carbonated drinks, juices, cakes, and parties, and follow a diet chart containing food rich in other nutrients. 

Q: Is No Sugar Diet Enough To Lose Weight?

Ans: No, following a no sugar diet alone can’t give you instant results. To get desired results it is recommended to follow some physical activities and workout routines for healthy living. 

Q: Which Fruits Can I Include In My No Sugar Diet? 

Ans: Raspberry, cranberry, olives, avocadoes, lemons, and starfruit are some of the fruits that you can include in your no sugar diet.

Q: Can You Get Your Desired Weight With No Sugar Diet?

Ans: Yes, it is possible to achieve a desired weight by following a no sugar diet along with fitness routines such as jogging, running, gymming, swimming, and yoga for weight loss.

Q: How Much Sugar Is Good For Health?

Ans: Including at least 30gm of sugar in your diet regularly will not harm your health. You can decrease its consistency but increasing the number can cause serious health issues. 

Q: Which Sugar Is Good For A No Sugar Diet?

Ans: Well, if you’re searching for which sugar is good health for your no sugra diet then I must say you should try natural sugar such as stevia, dates, or raisins for better health.

Fun Fact

No Chaos Only Chai

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This blog post was written to help you to make healthy and better food choices altogether. So, be aware and take care. The important thing to consider is your own health before starting a diet that is restrictive. Always seek advice from a doctor/dietitian before starting if you have any concerns.

Eat Healthy, Live Healthy. Enjoy a long happy life.

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