PCOD Struggle and Weight Loss Success Story of Gurminder

Snehil Sharma

Snehil Sharma
Nov 2020

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PCOD Struggle

Patience and perseverance in the key to overcoming any challenge. Isn’t it? Our today’s success story is very similar to this thought. One of our clients Gurminder from Delhi was struggling with weight loss and PCOD Problem. Her health conditions were affecting her. During the lockdown, she came to us with her weight again struggling and was suffering from PCOD issues. She was ready to quit her regular diet but we at Fitelo don’t feel that going on a strict diet is the only solution for weight loss. What have we suggested to her?

Are you interested to find out? So, without delay let’s learn more about her weight loss journey and her experience with Fitelo.

Weight Loss And PCOD Problem Transformation Journey of Gurminder

Due to the lockdown, Gurminder has to work from home which means a lot of binging and eating junk food. Her PCOD problem were deteriorating. With deep discussions on her health concerns with our dietician, they suggested her Fitelo PCOD plan.

Our dietician created a customized diet plan for her and ensured she got appropriate nutrition while her weight loss targets were being met. The diet plan we created for her suited her busy lifestyle and it included cheat days as well.

Significant Results After Joining Fitelo

There are a few impeccable changes she has experienced during her weight loss journey. Let’s read a few of them:

  1. Weight Loss: With our customized diet plan for just 6 months, Gurminder lost 27 kgs without any supplements, medicines, or even visiting the gym.
  2. Stop Medications: After joining Fitelo and with her continuous discussions with our dieticians she is completely off medications now.
  3. Regular Monthly Cycles: As discussed, she was struggling with PCOD before joining Fitelo but now she has recovered fast and has regular monthly cycles.  

WELL DONE GURMINDER on being one of our weight loss success stories 🙂

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