Satwant Fat To Fit Transformation With Ghar Ka Khana

Sahil Bansal

Sahil Bansal
Apr 2021

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satwant fat to fit transformation

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In a world full of fancy and unrealistic diets that promise quick but temporary weight loss, Fitelo’s approach to weight loss relies on ghar ka khana prepared with love. Specifically, it does not require you to leave your comfort, offers you long-lasting results and you do not have to worry about extravagance. This is what made us stand out of the crowd and be a part of satwant fat to fit transformation story.

Challenges And Start Of Her Fat To Fit Transformation

Satwant is a make-up artist based in Ludhiana with the ability to transform the prettiest faces into better versions of themselves with the stroke of her brush and creative mind. She reached out to us seeking help for her increasing weight and PCOD related complications. Owing to her rigorous health, bloating and hypertension were some other challenges faced by her.

She specifically mentioned that she required an approach to help set her on the path to a healthy lifestyle which would help her get rid of her extra kilos and also maintain PCOD. Moreover, She required an intervention that would suit her hectic working schedule. So there were plenty of challenges for satwant in her fat to fit transformation to tackle if you ask us !!

Our Approach And Guidance To Help Her

Our dietitians worked closely with Satwant and devised an approach after understanding her lifestyle choices, eating patterns, likes, and dislikes that included home-based foods. As a result, Satwant dropped 13.5 kg in a course of just 4 months and additional challenges like bloating and hypertension were also simultaneously taken care of.

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All About Her Results And Success

The body is just an exhibit of what the mind is fed with. All through the course of this intervention, Satwant’s God-gifted positive attitude is what helped us to help her. Moreover, she now feels more confident, is happy with her lifestyle since she is able to give her best in every situation.

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