Still, Dependent upon Weight Loss Clinics? Try Fitelo’s Desi Diet plan ;)

Japleen Kaur

Japleen Kaur
Sep 2021

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Weight Loss Clinic

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Lost 21 Kg In 9 Months

Weight Loss Clinic

Durlabhjeet, an advocate from Chandigarh approached us with concerns about being overweight. He had been in search of Weight Loss Clinics to guide him through his weight loss journey. Scrolling through his news feed, he stumbled upon our Facebook page. And, there was simply no looking back after that. He also says he was highly impressed. The approach Fitelo follows is awesome. Adding to that, we always promote health over temporary aesthetic weight loss. Thus, this left him speechless.

His profession requires him to spend a full day working on cases. So, this leaves him with very little for his health.

Our dietitians worked closely with him. They understood his likes, dislikes and everything related to his lifestyle. Also, they came up with the perfect diet plan. Thus, that not only helped him shed weight but also made him more active.

Moreover, he was given a variety of dishes that helped him enjoy his entire journey.

He recalls having a number of cheat meals spread across the week. Also, there was a time when Durlabhjeet would even want to skip cheat meals. This is because the food planned for him during the week, never made him feel like he was on a diet.

It was Durlabhjeet’s strong willpower and constant support from our end which helped us graph these results you see.

So, if you feel a busy life is what is standing in between you and a healthy lifestyle, you might want to read this post again😉.

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