Dietitian For Weight Loss: Sai’s Journey of Becoming Mrs. India Worldwide

Savi Sharma

Savi Sharma
Dec 2021

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22 Kgs Gone With Visible Inch Loss Via Our Dietitian For Weight Loss

Dr Saiprasanna Behera from Bhubaneswar, Orissa reached out to Fitelo’s dietitian for weight loss 10 months ago. More than losing kilos, she was aiming for an effective inch loss which bothered her quite a bit. She had gained these extra inches Post Pregnancy.

Working at a senior level position in a pharmaceuticals company, she has a very busy routine. Managing family and work together means she had very little time for exercise or to even make her food. She tried to reduce the extra inches and weight by joining the gym, but it was not feasible to follow the tough routine for long.

So, our dietitian for weight loss worked with Dr Behera and created a customized diet plan for her that included things that were easily available around. We asked her to follow her diet plan and just go for a 20-minute walk. Dr Behera lost 22 Kgs with visible inch loss without visiting any gym or taking any medicines or supplements!

She shared another of her goal with us, to get glowing skin and better hair, as she wanted to participate and even win the Mrs. India competition. Throughout the year, her weight got stuck at several points, but she never stopped. Nevertheless, her hard work and efforts paid off.

You have to keep going. It is about discipline and dedication. She just trusted us and never asked for any changes in diet plans.

Saiprasanna also happens to be the winner of Mrs. India Worldwide. We are so proud of you Saiprasanna. You have proved that – Impossible is nothing if you are willing to put in the hard work and have the dedication to keep going.

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Everyone says the more you drink water, the better but is it right? You should consume water based on your weight. An average adult’s water requirement is 35 ml/Kg of water. To emphasize in detail, here is a video on how much water is enough for you.

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